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God has given everybody an equal amount of time in a day to live a life; some people use their time in productive activities while a few waste their time altogether. As a literate one, I love to read and write. I don’t have spare time but my activities are always pre-planned. I go to the gym regularly, once in a while I go swimming. Importantly, I’m enrolled in a research group, under the banner of PITB. Occasionally, meetings are arranged by the Board and I love to meet creative minds.

Writing is the most important activity in my life. The major chunk of my time in a day is spent in reading and writing as I love it. Technology has brought a revolution in human life and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’ve created my blog and post my work regular basis, on a diverse range of topics. A few days ago, I met a person and showed him my work; he said, I like, the way you work.

During my busy schedule, it is hard to get some time out of it; but I never miss my gym activity. A wise man said, “sound body possess a sound mind.” So, morning walk, workout or gymnastics are necessary for physical as well as psychological fitness.

Web surfing is an important activity and I love it. My day is incomplete without at least two hours of surfing. After a hectic routine, when a person reads, listen or watches novel ideas and literate himself with knowledge, it changes the mindset of a person. Excessive Internet usage is also bad for health. However, to eliminate ignorance in the world the Internet is playing a crucial role.

I love to solve problems, people think computer science is all about programming but, it is not true. CS is about problem-solving, the programmer uses his analytical skills to identify a problem in the real world and propose a solution for it. As a tech geek, I’m well aware of tech trends. Once in a while, I met with people from different departments to understand the problems they are facing. Aftermath, I discuss the ideas with my juniors and friends and encourage them to work on it.

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