The Living Standards of Pakistan

The flood water is poured into the town.

In the 2018 elections, the PTI established a government in the centre and in a few provinces on the name of change. There was a manifesto of the Party was to create Naya Pakistan. However, after being in the centre around a year and a half, it doesn’t change a lot.

A few days ago, I was in the market to buy something vegetables and fruits, however, everything is so expensive. The vegetables are twice or thrice as compare to previous prices. Is this being the change the manifesto of the party promised?

Now, the question arises that how the poor can feed their children. The ones who earn only a small amount of money. How a person can educate their children. There are many problems in the country but making dozens of taxes on poor people and shutting the public and private industry sectors. Was it the PTI promised?

According to the census of Pakistan, above sixty per cent of Pakistan are below the 30-year-old. There is a lot of potential for the growth, and, uplift of the economy. Most of the youth are just free and looking for an opportunity that can pave the pay for a sustainable life.

The Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, the cricketer, made many promises; he is trying from the bottom of the heart to get the country out of the debt trap, albeit it isn’t the way as Khan is thinking.

Above all, the standards of living cannot be improved without creating opportunities for the common people. There are many industries in the public and private sector are rotting due to hurdles made by the Government. Further, everybody should contribute his share to uplift the country. A wise man said, none of the nations succeeds with only making plans; but, by implementing plans.

Pakistan is Failing to Utilize the Potential of a Massive Youth

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Pakistan – a country with 60 per cent of the youth population, which is less than thirty-year-old, and most of them are unemployed. In the 2000s, during the period of the Musharraf as a President, took the initiative to educate more and more people. He launched many technical institutes, but, now all in vain. There are many reasons behind all of this phenomenon a significant purpose is an economic shift. The change of government laid a massive effect on society. There are millions of students enrolled in training institutes.

The TEVTA (Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority) is working in Pakistan, which trains the massive influx of youth, since its creation. However, a skilled one is useless if he is not needed in the industry. It is estimated that during the last decade, around 30 million students enrolled in TEVTA affiliated colleges. They offer programs of many duration; one, three, and six months; one or 3-year diploma with all that why poverty and unemployment are still prevalent in every part of the country.

The primary focus of the Musharraf regime was on development; in his era, millions of dollars of projects were initiated. There was a shortage of skilled labour. After the completion of a short course, the candidate immediately got a job. Therefore, It helped millions of people and gave the source of income to them. However, everything changed suddenly; so, a shift occurred in government.

The fall in demand for skilled labour began as PPP took charge of the state. However, he didn’t halt all of the projects.

In 2013, as Nawaz Sharif become Prime Minister of Pakistan; he initiated many development projects under provincial and federal governments. Most prominently, Metro Bus project which allowed thousands of people. Another example is the Orange Line Train project.

As Imran Khan takes control of the country, ninety per cent of the budget of development projects is stopped. Most of the government policies are aligned with to get rid of the debt trap. The significant chunk of the revenue pf Pakistan is reserved for payment of debts, which are pending for three decades. Therefore, many projects are halted due to lack of budget; it also increases unemployment.

To encapsulate, the policies of the new Prime Minister also profoundly affected other industries. Such as the automobile industry; it is estimated that they are facing labour surpluses. They are trimming their labour force day by day. There is a fear among the general public, either they are skilled or not, there is no opportunity here.

Why does the Poverty Alleviation Program fail in Pakistan?

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Many programs were initiated by different leaders to alleviate poverty from Pakistan; but, none of them has to change the financial status of the state.

There are many reasons for it. In the 1960s, if the financial position of the country wasn’t prosperous, albeit it wasn’t insignificant debt trap. She gave a loan of $8 million to Germany, however, how it plunged into a debt trap.

During the early years, the economic position of Pakistan was neither good nor bad. After independence from British Raj, it was time to excel in all parts of life without any constraint of any religion. But the politicians didn’t make it happen.

Benazir Income Support Programme

The PPP introduced the Benazir Income Support Programme; it is still operational, but it does not address all the inhabitants of Pakistan. If we see from one point of view, it helps to feed the poor, albeit it is short term. Under the BISP, they give six thousand once in three months. It can help to buy a few eatable items for weeks but do not increase in their source of income.


The Punjab Information Technology Board initiated the e-Rozgaar program in 2016. It laid a significant impact on the remittance. The program is for those individuals who are unemployed even after graduation. It is the most considerable poverty alleviation program which helped in many families; gave rozgaar (job) to literate ones, enhance their skill-set.

PM Laptop Scheme

The former Prime Minister Mina Muhammad Nawaz Sharif also took many initiatives to overcome poverty. The PM Laptop scheme is also has had a great impact to remove ignorance from the country. It is the era of the digital world. It changed the trends of learning, entertainment, and doing business. A few students of metric and onward get a laptop in this scheme.

To conclude, with all these projects, the financial position of the state is still severe; it is plunged into a debt trap. The youth, particularly the educated ones, are sitting in there home and waiting for some miracle to happen. There is no rozgaar unless you make it.