The flood water is poured into the town.

In the 2018 elections, the PTI established a government in the centre and in a few provinces on the name of change. There was a manifesto of the Party was to create Naya Pakistan. However, after being in the centre around a year and a half, it doesn’t change a lot.

A few days ago, I was in the market to buy something vegetables and fruits, however, everything is so expensive. The vegetables are twice or thrice as compare to previous prices. Is this being the change the manifesto of the party promised?

Now, the question arises that how the poor can feed their children. The ones who earn only a small amount of money. How a person can educate their children. There are many problems in the country but making dozens of taxes on poor people and shutting the public and private industry sectors. Was it the PTI promised?

According to the census of Pakistan, above sixty per cent of Pakistan are below the 30-year-old. There is a lot of potential for the growth, and, uplift of the economy. Most of the youth are just free and looking for an opportunity that can pave the pay for a sustainable life.

The Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, the cricketer, made many promises; he is trying from the bottom of the heart to get the country out of the debt trap, albeit it isn’t the way as Khan is thinking.

Above all, the standards of living cannot be improved without creating opportunities for the common people. There are many industries in the public and private sector are rotting due to hurdles made by the Government. Further, everybody should contribute his share to uplift the country. A wise man said, none of the nations succeeds with only making plans; but, by implementing plans.

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