Pakistan is among the list of the countries where politics is considered as a dirty play often played by an uneducated and ignorant people. Unfortunately, it is true. In the country, favouritism and nepotism are common among masses.

A few days ago the Minister for water resource Faisal Vawda made an entry with a boot into a news channel. Further, it raises questions on the credibility of the PTI lead government. In Naya Pakistan, it is still governed by the ignorant cabinet.

In democratic system politicians often make lies, the fun of opposite parties and make promises to bring prosperity in the region, just for the sake of few votes. However, in under-developed countries, it is often seen that politicians attempt these sorts of stunts just for the sake of cheap publicity.

Is the minister under the ruling government do not have any productive thing to do other than chanting slogans against the opposition or doing cheap stunts like jokers over the national television.

The image of Pakistani politicians is not good around the globe. However, by doing these sorts of activities won’t improve it. Literacy rate in Pakistan is not very good; she stands at 58 per cent. The leading government cut shot the budget for higher education fifty per cent. It will further deteriorate the situation.

The cabinet of the ruling government should focus on productive activities rather than a cheap publicity stunt. By the way, all of these activities represent the inner ambitions of the ministers; and the level of their ethics and morale.