Polio is the worst epidemic which is rising in Pakistan. In past, by the effort of governments and with the of foreign NGO’s. Pakistan was successful to eliminate this epidemic. However, it is still prevalent in different parts of the country.

Lack of vaccination among backward area is making it severe. There are a few regions where the vaccine wasn’t available.

Unfortunately, negligence of the medical staff which leads to the supply of expired vaccines to the country. Therefore, many children suffered acutely; a few remained in hospitals for several days. After this issue, the parents in KPK refused for the vaccine.

It was a time when Pakistan offered its services to other nations to tackle the epidemic such as malaria. However, nowadays Pakistan is in the dire need of help to face this crippling epidemic.

Since the 2018 election, the government reduced the budget for health. In the world, developed countries are paying much heed to this sector. This department needs a massive budget for research and development.

Last year, there was massive negligence of a single doctor in Larkana that is responsible for approximately 900 cases; among them, 700 are children under 5 years.

The government is getting aid from developed countries to tackle this crippling disease. Pakistan received $200 million In December 2019.

Pakistan also removed four top-level officials who were responsible for all of this negligence. Corruption is in the roots of the people. Therefore, many do not hesitate to get a bribe.

Everyone should contribute their share to overcome this rising issue.