In this article I will tell you how are you can buy iCloud storage from Pakistan.

Apple has a lot of customer in Pakistan who use Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks in order to back up their data they need to buy some cloud storage.

iCloud is one of the suitable option that is tightly integrated with Apple devices which you can share with your family members easily.

Apple cloud Storage Plans And prices for Pakistan in rupees

Apple ICloud Storage Plans
Apple ICloud Storage Plans

Apple app is free storage plans for this one is basic story which is 50 GB for Rs.100 per month second secondly the second option is 200 GB for Rs.300 per month the third option is 2 TB storage but you have to pay Rs.1000 per month.

One thing to keep in mind is that the first plan cannot be shared with others, however the second and third plan can be shared with family members.

Prerequisite to pay In Apple iTunes

  1. Apple device
  2. Credit or Debit Card

Any Apple product iPhone, iPad or MacBook is required. Second you need a debit card or credit card and you should have sufficient balance in your respective account.

First of all you should add your information into your Apple account, then go to storage plan. Your default should be 5GB. Then click on 50 GB or any other plan. After that it will automatically deduct money and your plans will be updated on all of your devices.

Can Apple accept union pay debit card?

Unfortunately Apple do not accept payment from Union Pay, so you must have Visa or MasterCard to buy something on App Store or iTunes

If you have any further questions please ask me in the comment section

Thank you for reading.

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  1. I have a visa debit card but the transaction fails and they say invalid credit amount

    • It has happened for one of the following reasons:

      Your card is temporary locked due to typing incorrectly passwords.
      You have incorrectly entered your credit card number.
      You have incorrectly entered your CVV code.
      The customer’s card issuer has declined the transaction because of an invalid format or field.

      Ahsan, please check the transaction information and try processing the transaction again.

      Hopefully, it will work. If you still face any of errors let me know.

  2. I have tried several times through my BOP debit card but I got an error of wrong Security code

    • WRONG SECURITY CODE: Please confirm that you are filling the right security code which is mentioned on the back side of the card.

  3. Transaction declined

    • Some banks do not allow online transaction without prior opening of online session. So, you should contact at the helpline and request for online session.

  4. Can we get permanent storage in 1 time investment???

    • No, you cannot get iCloud storage with one time payment.

      Basically it is a subscription based service; you have to pay on monthly basis.

  5. if I use a visa debit card, will it deduct the amount itself every month? and does it deduct international transaction charges?

  6. I’m getting the same problem Ahsan bhai is getting all of the information is correct but whenever i try it says invalid credit card number. I’ve tried from meezan bank debit card and also from union pay but after trying i came to know that apple only accept visa, master card and American express.Plese help me out.

  7. Iam from pakistan and itunes store is not running there? How to setup itunes store in pakistan?

  8. will they charge automatically per year?

    • Apple will charge for your storage on monthly basis.
      For example, if you subscribe for 50 GB plan on January 20. Then your plan will renew on February 20. In that way you will be paying 100 Rupees every month.

  9. no international transaction charges and it is auto renewal service.

  10. Hello waqas
    whenever i try to buy extra storage and add my information, it says that ‘cannot verify payment information’
    i have tried multiple cards but it displays the same message
    how can I fix this?

    • Thanks for approaching.
      First of all make sure your are not using PayPak, Union Pay or any other local/regional cards. Use VISA or Master Cards.
      Secondly, some banks require a session open before you use your care in an online transaction; i.e. Bank of Punjab.
      Thirdly, your Debit or Credit card is neither blocked/suspended nor expired.
      Hopefully, the issue will be resolved by confirming the above mentioned points. If you still have the same issue then contact on the Bank helpline.

  11. is it safe to use card details or store card details?

    • Yes, it is safe to store Credit/Debit card information for well-established companies. i.e. Uber, J., Daraz.

      Please do not save card details or avoid them altogether; if the company is comparatively new or had suffered a data breach.

  12. I bought the 50gb plan but they deducted 225 rupees instead of 100 rupees. What’s the reason?

  13. Hello dear I wana buy storage but have no card can some one can help me if i send money on easy paisa and buy storage for me?

  14. Alright from the many comments I have read and as my per my experience, I would like to tell everyone something regarding app store and iCloud storage. Since in Pakistan many people don’t like to use debit/credit card on sites and apps. Here is the thing. Apple currency should be changed from PKR to USD. Since in PKR it is a big hassle to purchase anything. They would need your bank information and also you would need to link card. I don’t think its good idea to attach your credit/debit no matter how low the amount is kept. Just avoid. The best thing to tackle is to make a proper iCloud ID and region must be USA. Once assured the app store will show in USA. Also buy Gift Card from which you can redeem the code and use to purchase apps and subscriptions. It should work for iCloud storage and it will charge in USD. Mostly gift cards are in USD and UK. But always better if the account was setup as US. I purchase most of my applications and I didn’t face any issues.

  15. Assalam-0-Alaikum
    Waqas bhai agar mein one time 50GB buy karta hn next month auto deduct ho jaheingy pese?
    or agar account mein pese naa hoey to mera data safe to raheyga.?

    • As you missed the bill payment. Your data will stop syncing.

      So, it is a good idea to have a sufficient balance in your account to pay.

      In addition to that, you can add funds into your icloud account in advance. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your bank account balance. Because, your bill will be deducted from icloud balance.

  16. Hello. Thank you for helping out people. My question is that this is my 1st renew but it got declined by the bank. Now what should I do to have the subscription renewed ?

  17. Im using pak pay credit card will it works?
    Im puting information for the several times but they said its invalid card number. Kindly help

  18. Whenever I select the amount to pay, I get an error message” Your purchase could not be completed. Contact itunes Store Support to complete this transaction” . iTunes is not available in Pakistan hence it cannot be completed. So how to make payment?

  19. Please explain CVV code

  20. Can I use itunes gift card to pay?

  21. I have jazzcard account how I buy storage

    • Debit Card is required Visa / MasterCard. Simply, having JazzCash account cannot help you pay online.

  22. Does wise allow to pay the amount for icloud storage

  23. I am facing an issue where I have 50GB plan already working. But I am trying to go to 2TB plan and the payment is getting declined again and again. I even contacted my bank support and they say there is no limitation.

    But reading on the Apple Support Website I can’t even find Pakistan in one of its regions for Storage plans. What could be the issue?

    • Thanks for raising a question.

      Most of the time Transaction decline ERROR occur due to the incorrect information & insufficient balance.

  24. I have nayapay card but apple didnt accept that card so what to do now

  25. I dont have a debit or credit card what i have to do now ?

  26. I cant use debit card
    How can i get 25$ card for redeem. !??

    • Debit card or credit card are the options available to make a purchase.

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