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February 2020

Constitution – An Essential Element to Run the State Affairs

By |2020-03-21T13:02:40+05:00February 29th, 2020|Current Affairs, Education, International Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues|

Rules are a crucial element to form a healthy community. Each of the states has its own rules for the country or region. These rules are often formed under the influence of religion some of them based on ancient principles which do not even address the issues of the contemporary world. Fortunately, it is not a case for all countries. Islam originated in the 5th century with the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who come with a Holy book which is called Quran Majeed. The book provides rudimentary knowledge about everything but does not address each of the dimensions completely. Therefore, one needs a set of reference to perform any task such as prayer. Here comes Hadith which tells method and rules to perform a prayer. Unfortunately, the whole of the ummah does not agree on the so-called rules. Sectarianism is the major issue Muslims are facing these days. Even [...]

January 2020

PTI and Boot Politics

By |2020-01-16T10:19:24+05:00January 16th, 2020|Political Issues, Social Thoughts|

Pakistan is among the list of the countries where politics is considered as a dirty play often played by an uneducated and ignorant people. Unfortunately, it is true. In the country, favouritism and nepotism are common among masses. A few days ago the Minister for water resource Faisal Vawda made an entry with a boot into a news channel. Further, it raises questions on the credibility of the PTI lead government. In Naya Pakistan, it is still governed by the ignorant cabinet. In democratic system politicians often make lies, the fun of opposite parties and make promises to bring prosperity in the region, just for the sake of few votes. However, in under-developed countries, it is often seen that politicians attempt these sorts of stunts just for the sake of cheap publicity. Is the minister under the ruling government do not have any productive thing to do other than chanting [...]

Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination — A Big Mess in The Middle East

By |2020-01-07T09:44:09+05:00January 6th, 2020|Current Affairs, International Affairs, Political Issues|

The United States of America is the federation that considers him superpower however her most of the fears comes from Muslim states. The President of America believes that Iran is the major threat to the peoples of America. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps GeneralQasem Soleimani assassinated on the command of the President of America Donald Trump. Solamani was the most important person in the Iranian Military. In past, he deals most of the strategic issues particularly the security matters. It is believed by Trump that he was planning terrorist attacks against his nation; even he declared him terrorist. It is believed by many analysts that America made a big mistake by waking a dead lion. Previous leaders also have the same opportunities to do this, years back. However, it will have massive shifts in the strategic positions of the Persian peninsula. Alloy in the Middle East, the king of Saudi [...]

December 2019

December 16 – The Darkest Day in the History of Pakistan

By |2019-12-16T22:40:04+05:00December 16th, 2019|Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues|

God made all of the days equally important; except the only event makes distinguish among them. Pakistan is one of the countries which emerged on the basis of ideology. She has two wings East Pakistan and West Pakistan. However, Pakistan lost her East wing on an unfortunate event. December 16, is the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. She lost her East Wing on the same day 1971, and, the same day 2014 Pakistan lost 140 precious innocent lives. It is an unforgettable day in the history of Pakistan. There are many factors behind this tragic day. Pakistan lost its wing because of lack of political harmony, enemy between the wings of the country and hundreds of the miles between the wings. Furthermore, the lack of population support to the Pak Army. As a wise many said, "none of the war can be won without the support of the [...]

November 2019

Student Activism is on The Rise in Pakistan

By |2019-11-30T19:25:55+05:00November 29th, 2019|Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues, Social Thoughts|

Students of Pakistan shows a peaceful protest in the 50 cities around Pakistan to lift the ban on student unions and rights of the students. Lawyers and other unions part take in this show. Students play a crucial role in forming the direction of the future of any nation or state. However, if students do not part take in any sort of social activities; then, in which direction students will go. Student unions are the core in the Indian Sub-Continent who make it possible that we can breathe in the open air. However, if students do not play a vital role; then we would be suffering the same oppression as Kashmiris. The Student Solidarity March takes place in Lahore, Friday, Nov 29, 2019, from Nasir Bagh to Charring Cross. The students participate in March who belong to different institutes. There is a dire need to address the issues the students [...]

Lahore Development Authority – Refused to Build a Bridge

By |2019-11-13T22:59:00+05:00November 14th, 2019|Education, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues, Social Thoughts|

A few weeks ago, the gardener of UET Lahore died in an accident in front of the gate on the GT Road. The management committee of UET decided to approach the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and requested to build a pedestrian crossing bridge for the safety of students as well as staff in front of the main gate. However, LDA refused to do so; yes, refused it. During the visit of Shalimar Bagh, while I was passing in front of the Varsity what I see was tremendous. The Development Authority only agreed to build a speed breaker. Probably, this will or will not reduce the frequency of accidents; but a bridge is mandatory. It is because there is always a massive influx of traffic can be seen during office hours. There is also heavy traffic such as trucks which often overloaded. The varsity is situated on one of the busy [...]

India is Not a Secular State, How?

By |2019-11-11T21:59:50+05:00November 11th, 2019|International Affairs, Political Issues, Religious Thoughts, Social Thoughts|

India, the home of 1.3 billion peoples; this is the home of many different nations that are living in the Indian sub-continent since before Christ. Now the case is different, the Hindus are making efforts from head to toe to perish the minorities. Many events are gigantic evidence that Hindustan is for Hindus. The Modi tried to perish the innocent Muslims in Kashmir by abrogating the special status of the princely state on August 5th this year. It’s been two and a half months the innocent Kashmiris are barred into Jails and the communication services are jammed. It is the extreme level of humanitarian crisis; the Muslims are the main target of this genocide. Babri Masjid is one of the other favoritisms to the Hindu community. The case dates to 1992 when the Holy place of Muslims was perished by Hindus and many causalities occurred. The case registered into the [...]

September 2019

Imran Khan speech at UNGA

By |2019-11-26T13:03:09+05:00September 30th, 2019|International Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues|

On the September  27, 2019, Imran Khan was on seven day long trip. He traveled the way to New York to raise the issue of Kashmir curfew. In fifty minutes long speech, Imran Khan talk about four issues. First Climate Change, second Financial Crisis, third Islamophobia and most importantly Kashmir Issue. Firstly, Pakistan is in the list of top ten countries most affecting from climate change and global warming. However, the share of Pakistan in Green House Gases is minimal. Secondly, Mr. Khan point out financial crisis. The rich are becoming richer and the poor  is getting poorer. Te International organization should take notice and form measures to mitigate this crisis. There are a few radial groups in the world which are the root cause of the most terrorist activities around the globe. Those are not part of any religion. Therefore, Islam should not be criticized for there activities. Islam, [...]

Kashmir: The Most Militarized Zone in the World

By |2019-09-06T16:33:01+05:00September 2nd, 2019|Current Affairs, International Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Political Issues|

Everyone on this planet has right to live openly; no one should be tortured or killed on the basis on religion, creed or ethnicity. Kashmir, the Haven is in danger under the rule Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). The people of Kashmir are being tortured mentally as well as physically since the creation of Pakistan. After the creation of Pakistan, the region divided into two parts, Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In fact, the state should be given to Pakistan, because it is Muslim majority state. In 1947, more than 95 per cent of the people were Muslims; only 5 per cent belongs to other religions. But the ruler was Sikh, the ruler voted to be part of India. Afterwards, Indian forces started to militarize this Valley and the killing of protesters, torture and brutality begins. In recent years the Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi [...]