How The World Is Becoming Universal Civilization?

Universal Civilization

The world is becoming a Universal Civilization; people are traveling more frequently to other countries.

This world is a group of nations; that live in different parts of the Earth. They have different languages, religion and culture. Most of the scholars define civilizations as a group of people live in a place, among them a specific style, tradition and shared values exist. In the past, our planet has had roughly twelve civilizations. Almost, half of them do not live today. However, the present cultures are the western, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Russian. All of these civilizations are becoming universal civilization because they are moving towards a similar lifestyle.

In the 20th century, as the means of communication improve the civilizations begins to merge. Nowadays, people have more access to other books, literature and all other things which are considered part of a culture. People are traveling from place to place to earn means of living.

Every year millions of students travel to earn a foreign degree. In this way, they acquire knowledge, observe society, and another way of living. Therefore, they absorb some of the charismatics.

As the means of communication are secure and people are frequently traveling. Therefore, diseases are transmitting rapidly to other places. In December 2019, Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged from China. In a few weeks, it spread to the rest of the world.

The world is moving towards a global village. People are sharing good and also bad habits. People are embracing other religions that are alien to their region as people are asking for reforms.

English the Alien Language in Punjab

English Language

Around a decade ago, the Chief Minster of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif changed the medium of teaching from Urdu to English. By conducting the survey in 22 districts of Punjab; it is proved that the decision was not beneficial for little souls as well as for the teachers. The surveys proved that the primary class students neither can write English nor Urdu. So, the government has decided to switch back to Urdu in the coming year, March 2020.

The question is, switching back to Urdu, will it be effective? Is medium of teaching (English) hurdle in effective education? Is Urdu being the ‘mother tongue’ of the entire population? If No, how will it affect it positively. When we look at the statistics most of the population live in rural areas; which mostly speak Punjabi, Saraiki or other regional languages. To improve the standard of Education, there are other ways, rather than switching medium of teaching every next year. The quality of education can be improved with other ways, some of them are as follows:

  • by changing the syllabus or the content which is being taught.
  • by training the instructors, so they can communicate and deliver more effectively.
  • by providing students opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities.
  • by giving students opportunity to apply those learned skills in practical way.
  • by brining Information Technology in use and utilizing the maximum potential of digital resources.

If government wants to prove that all the decisions taken by previous governments are wrong, then there are other ways to do that. Not playing with the future of the students would be better option here.