May 2023

How To Be an Extraordinary Student In The Class

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Becoming a successful student involves cultivating various essential qualities and adopting effective habits. Introduction The journey through academics and productive learning can be a complex one, demanding an array of fundamental skills. These skills range from setting clear objectives and ensuring regular class attendance, to mastering efficient note-taking techniques, maintaining organization, and promoting active engagement. This article serves as a comprehensive resource, providing practical advice on crucial aspects like wise time management, recognizing when to ask for help, keeping motivation high, developing self-discipline, and looking after your overall health. Each section of this guide explores a unique skill, elucidating its importance and offering concrete steps for its application in your educational journey. The aim of this guide extends beyond improving your academic performance; it strives to promote a balanced and wholesome approach to learning and life. Regardless of whether you are a secondary school student or an enthusiast of lifelong [...]

Debating the Well-being of Indian Muslims: Finance Minister’s Population Growth Argument and Its Implications

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Introduction The treatment of Muslims in India has been a matter of global concern for some time now. Recently, Nirmala Sitharaman, the country's Finance Minister, made an unexpected statement during a conference in Washington. She argued that the portrayal of Indian Muslims by Western media is not entirely accurate, citing the fact that their population has increased since India gained independence in 1947. However, her argument seemed out of place and did not address the well-documented persecution of minorities, including Muslims, by the current government. The Hindu nationalist government has a history of denying criticisms and manipulating public opinion. Despite this, Sitharaman's statement suggests a new approach that may have concerning implications. This article delves into the evidence behind Sitharaman's claim, examines the situation for Muslims in India, and covers topics such as their representation in parliament and access to education and healthcare. Indian Finance Minister Challenges Western Media's Portrayal [...]

March 2023

Pro Tips for Acing Your General Knowledge Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

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Preparing for a general knowledge exam can be a daunting task, but with a systematic approach, it can be manageable. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a general knowledge exam: Start by creating a study plan: A study plan will help you stay organized and focused. Set aside specific times each day or week to study and stick to it. Identify the topics to be covered: General knowledge exams can cover a broad range of topics, such as history, geography, current events, politics, and science. Make a list of all the topics that will be covered in the exam and prioritize them based on your strengths and weaknesses. Use reliable sources: Use reliable sources such as textbooks, reference books, and online resources to gather information on each topic. Make sure to cross-check the information from different sources to ensure accuracy. Take notes: Taking notes as you study [...]


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As an AI language model, I cannot have personal opinions, but I can provide you with some examples of what many consider to be the biggest innovations of the 21st century so far: Smartphones and mobile devices: The widespread adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices has transformed the way we communicate, consume information, and interact with the world around us. How Smartphones and mobile devices changed the way of living? Smartphones and mobile devices have significantly changed the way we live our daily lives in many ways. Here are some examples: Communication: Smartphones have made communication much more convenient and accessible. People can easily make calls, send text messages, and use video conferencing apps to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, no matter where they are in the world. Information and entertainment: Mobile devices allow us to access a wealth of information and entertainment at our fingertips. [...]

How To Learn Microsoft Office in Four Weeks?

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There are various ways to learn MS Office, and the approach you choose will depend on your learning style and availability of resources. Here are some tips to get you started: Online tutorials and courses: There are numerous online resources available that offer free or paid tutorials and courses on MS Office. Websites like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Coursera offer comprehensive courses on MS Office that can help you master the various applications in the suite. Microsoft Office Support: Microsoft Office provides users with a range of support options, including training videos, user guides, and forums. These resources are available on the Microsoft website, and they can help you learn about new features, troubleshoot problems, and get tips on how to use the various applications in the suite. Books and manuals: You can also learn MS Office by reading books and manuals. Many publishers offer books on MS Office that [...]

How to Prepare Mathematics Paper / Exam?

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Preparing for a mathematics paper or exam can seem daunting, but with the right approach and strategies, it can be manageable and even enjoyable. Here are some tips for preparing for a mathematics paper or exam: Review the material: Start by reviewing the material you have covered in class or in your textbook. Make sure you understand the concepts and can solve the problems related to them. It's important to have a good understanding of the basics before moving on to more complex topics. Practice, practice, practice: Mathematics is a subject that requires practice. The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll be with the concepts and the better you'll be able to solve problems. Try to solve as many problems as possible and make sure to review the ones you get wrong. Create a study schedule: Create a study schedule that allows you to cover all the topics you [...]

May 2022

The Rise and Fall of Islamic Empire

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The rise of an Islamic empire began in the 8th century. Some decades back the Muslims used to dominate the world in general and philosophy, science and literature in particular. However, the things have had changed rapidly, due to the lack of discipline, unity and beliefs. Sectarianism is the major setback in the history of Islam. Therefore, the differences among the Muslim Ummah got wider and wider, and now it is the nature of the law to serve the masters. Rise of Islam began with the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his teachings; that spread over the world rapidly. The religion was meant for everybody in all parts of life, and is so. As the number of followers grow with the passage of time. The teachings of the prophet (pbuh) played vital role to form the culture, literature and dynasties. As the religion spread in the east and [...]

March 2021

Difference Between BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science & BS Software Engineering?

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Nowadays, many disciplined are present which were only=y one under BS IT, BS CS, and BS SE are differently disciplined which are being taught under computer science. However, approximately 60% of the syllabus of these departments is the same. But a smaller difference in these disciplines can create a huge gap in the end. This article is for those, who what to get admission in BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science or BS Software Engineering. Or anyone who wants to learn what is the difference between these disciplines and why computer science was sub-categorised under these classes. History of Computer Science In the early twentieth century, most people were alien to the evolving discipline of Computer Science. However, it is one of the essential departments in every science and technology university. At that time, people were reluctant to get an admission, work or even learn about Computer Sciences. As things [...]

How To Buy Microsoft Office In Pakistan?

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Microsoft Office is a top choice among writers, businessmen and engineers to prepare documents, sheets, or presentations. MS Office requires a subscription to use its premium features which is quite a hassle if you are unfamiliar with it. Do not be worry I will guide you step by step on how you can subscribe to Microsoft Office from Pakistan. Microsoft Office offers multiple apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more) for desktop, mobile and web applications under personal and business plans. In addition to the Office Apps Microsoft also offers 1 TB of cloud storage per person which is sufficient for an individual to store one’s data. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Plan Microsoft Offers Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family which can be used for up to six family members. Under 365 plans Microsoft offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and 1TB OneDrive storage per person. Microsoft Office [...]

What it Looks Like To Live in Pakistan

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Pakistan is an Islamic state with diverse range of people who believes on different religions; despite that Pakistan had successfully portrayed a strong image. As a Pakistani national, living in Pakistan is great because it has all the four weathers, and comprises desert, mountains, and a lot of plain land to feed its nationals and guest. In past the state had faced many wars with neighbouring country; however, it had successfully resolved the conflicts and won the title of peace-loving country. As most of the population of Pakistan is young, so that it has a great edge to utilize this power to bring prosperity to the citizens. Pakistan is comparatively cheap country to live; although, it is one of the countries with least tax collection. Corruption, nepotism, and human rights abuse is common, but Pakistan is on its way to eliminate them from the root. It is hoped that it [...]

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