September 2019

Libraries: An Obsolete Trend

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This history of libraries dates back to ancient times. The main objective of libraries are access to the books. People travel hundreds and thousands of miles to acquire knowledge. However, after the introduction of computer and Internet technology; it is declining continuously. Amazon Kindle, an e-reader, launched in 2000. This gadget helps in reducing the burden of heavy books. Therefore, a man can carry millions of books in his pocket. Good leaders focus on the education. They educate their nation and enhance the skills of the labor force.  As a result, the economy of the country flourish. The existing libraries are not maintained as they were. Certainly, they are not required anymore. Above all, the main object of library is to provide books and space to read them. After the introduction of Web technology; it is totally changed. Students and researchers do not go there. They read books on their [...]

August 2019

Why Students Fail in Pakistan?

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Education is mandatory for the development of Human being. Without learning growth will be stopped. to survive in this planet, the parents educate their children. But not all the students pass the exam. In that scenario who is responsible for the failure? Guardian, child or the institute. Nobody can directly blame the student for the failure. Some other factors play crucial role in its failure. Obsolete syllabus is the major cause of lack in quality education. Everything has an expiration date, but the educational system of Pakistan is same as it was decades ago. Pakistan education department should revamp the educational system. The lack of skills in faculty members is also caused to reduce the efficiency. Recruitment on the merit basis is needed to improve the standards of education. Some teachers are meant to discourage the students. They don’t care how the student perform; the teacher will always criticize. [...]

Importance of Time Management to Secure Good Grades

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Time management is one of the important elements of student life. Anyone can get 100 out of 100 with little dedication and proper time management. In order to secure good grades, a pupil must make sure follow the proper schedule and cover everything in given timeframe. Routine is one of the most important aspect of your education. Without proper timetable you cannot study efficiently and effectively. You should be on your study place every single day. In order to track your performance, you must journal your weekly plans, so you don’t get yourself off the track. Your journal can include goals of the day, objectives of the week or the target of the month; such as today I’ll cover 1st chapter of the geography. A good student should never overestimate nor underestimate himself. Overestimation will lead to arrogance, on the other hand underestimation will leads to depression, anxiety [...]

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