Why Students Fail in Pakistan?

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Education is mandatory for the development of Human being. Without learning growth will be stopped. to survive in this planet, the parents educate their children. But not all the students pass the exam. In that scenario who is responsible for the failure? Guardian, child or the institute. Nobody can directly blame the student for the failure. Some other factors play crucial role in its failure. Obsolete syllabus is the major cause of lack in quality education. Everything has an expiration date, but the educational system of Pakistan is same as it was decades ago. Pakistan education department should revamp the educational system.

The lack of skills in faculty members is also caused to reduce the efficiency. Recruitment on the merit basis is needed to improve the standards of education.
Some teachers are meant to discourage the students. They don’t care how the student perform; the teacher will always criticize. Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Human mind can be trained in different ways. Some candidates are good at Math on the other hand, some perform well in Arts. So, teachers shouldn’t criticize for their innate abilities. Some students waste their time in co-curricular activities. These types of students don’t find education interesting and spend most of their time in irrelevant activities.

Over-confidence of students also leads to failure. A few students think that they are super-intelligent they can conquer exam in one night sometimes refers as “Chand Raat”. In case, somehow, they succeed in the exam, they are still a burden on the economy. A few students under-estimate themselves and it is also bad for the mental growth of the children. This can lead to psychological issues in long term.