What Is the Good Time to Write?

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Writing anything worth reading is not easy to compose. Any composition, either it is a blog writing, book wiring, or any other form of writing, takes time and energy. Therefore, it should be perfect and must not waste the time of the reader.

Everybody has its style of writing. Most of the time, it is based on the type of writing. For instance, news writing should not seem funny or in a humor accent. An application should not be rude, and it must be respectful.
Most people write early in the morning; it is a person’s mind; it is usually fresh, tireless, and energetic. However, it’s not the case for all. There are many people out there; who want to write on the other times of the day. Or even night.

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Night writing is considered most productive by many authors. Because it is the most peaceful and distraction-free time, one can experience. Traffic noise in the streets, horns, children in the ground, all of these are gone. Therefore, many writers work in a night time.

There is another chunk of people who wants to work after a workout. It is, probably, because much of the blood is flowing through the brain. So, most of the neurons are active in the body. Therefore, it is the best time to get the most productive work out of it.

There is no hard and fast rule to work for work. Either it is day or night, morning or evening; hot or cold weather, whatever it is. If one is willing to work, he can accomplish anything. It is all about passion, dedication, and motivation.

What is the good Length of an article?

500 - 1000 words

There is no hard and fast rule to write a specific length of the article for your blog. But, one should follow a few rules while composing for a blog.

Shorter articles are considered less informative, while longer articles are deemed tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, one should follow a moderate approach to write articles.

Back in the 2000s, people write articles about thousands of words. On that time, people have much time to waste on a single article. But, nowadays, the trend has changed. There is massive information available over the Internet. In case one article is dull, lengthy are less informative; one can easily choose another item to get his head around.

According to Google, articles shorter than 250 words are considered boring, less informative which have a terrible impact on Search Engine Ranking. Therefore, the article should contain at least 250 words.

An article in the range of 500 to 1,000 words are considered best. A reader can read in five minutes, and the writer can say whatever he wants.
However, there is an exception for use cases, case studies or user guides. These sorts of articles must contain every bit of information a reader may need while performing the practical task. Therefore, these sorts of articles mostly comprise around 2,500 to 3,000 words.

To conclude, it is the 21st century; everybody has access to fast Internet. The time is so precious, and a blog writer should not waste others time and energy. He should directly focus on the topic. He should try to write to-the-point.

The Busy Life of a Writer

writer work environment

God has given everybody an equal amount of time in a day to live a life; some people use their time in productive activities while a few waste their time altogether. As a literate one, I love to read and write. I don’t have spare time but my activities are always pre-planned. I go to the gym regularly, once in a while I go swimming. Importantly, I’m enrolled in a research group, under the banner of PITB. Occasionally, meetings are arranged by the Board and I love to meet creative minds.

Writing is the most important activity in my life. The major chunk of my time in a day is spent in reading and writing as I love it. Technology has brought a revolution in human life and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’ve created my blog and post my work regular basis, on a diverse range of topics. A few days ago, I met a person and showed him my work; he said, I like, the way you work.

During my busy schedule, it is hard to get some time out of it; but I never miss my gym activity. A wise man said, “sound body possess a sound mind.” So, morning walk, workout or gymnastics are necessary for physical as well as psychological fitness.

Web surfing is an important activity and I love it. My day is incomplete without at least two hours of surfing. After a hectic routine, when a person reads, listen or watches novel ideas and literate himself with knowledge, it changes the mindset of a person. Excessive Internet usage is also bad for health. However, to eliminate ignorance in the world the Internet is playing a crucial role.

I love to solve problems, people think computer science is all about programming but, it is not true. CS is about problem-solving, the programmer uses his analytical skills to identify a problem in the real world and propose a solution for it. As a tech geek, I’m well aware of tech trends. Once in a while, I met with people from different departments to understand the problems they are facing. Aftermath, I discuss the ideas with my juniors and friends and encourage them to work on it.