Punjab Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Sindh

Punjab Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Sindh

In the beginning when the COVID-19 started spreading in the regions of Pakistan. It started spreading in Sindh through Taftan border and Pakistan Internationa Airlines PIA. The first case was reported in Sindh.

Chief Minister of Sindh has a proactive approach to address this pandemic and due to are policies he successfully curtailed this epidemic. Now there is a sudden decrease in new coronavirus cases in Sindh. However, infected individuals are increasing in Punjab drastically.

Murad Ali Shah, CM Sindh is one of the more admirable personalities in this critical period. The world also acknowledges his affective measures to curtail this epidemic.

Till today, there are more than 1500 Coronavirus cases in Pakistan and 12 deaths are reported. The highest number is in Punjab which is 557, on second Sindh 469 and KPK has 188.

It is unfortunate that Italy has more deaths than any other country. According to BBC, the toll has crossed 10,000 and still it is rising. Europe is the most affected region due to Coronavirus.

In Pakistan, due to the Lockdown many people are facing food issues. There is a sudden increase in the prices of vegetables and other items. It is condemnable that neither people still do not take this epidemic seriously nor follow the rules.

There is a Section 144 is imposed in Pakistan which means, it empowers district administration to issue orders in the public interest that may place a ban on an activity for a specific period of time.

Al Azhar, an Egyptian institution which is authentic and recognized around the globe. They also discouraged to avoid the congregational prayers to curtail this epidemic. However, people of our homeland can be often seen violations of these rules and regulations.

Please stay at home for your own wellbeing.


How Much Social Distance Someone Needs?

How Much Social Distance Someone Needs

Coronavirus emerged from China in December 2019. It was too late for authorities to identify and cure the virus. Unfortunately, it spread widely. There is no vaccine for the novel Coronavirus. Social distancing is the only preventive measure.

There are more than 80,000 people are infected in China, and approximately 3,200 died due to this COVID-19. Moreover, it is much severe in Italy. According to Aljazeera, Italy has 53,000 confirmed cases and 4,800 deaths from coronavirus. Furthermore, there is more than 700 Coronavirus confirmed cases in Pakistan.

There are no symptoms of occurring in the early days of infection. After five or six days, symptoms become visible. It is too late; the person may have spread the virus to tens of hundreds of people. Social distancing is one of the preventive measures to stop this disease.

How Much Social Distance Someone Needs?
How Much Social Distance Someone Needs?

Here are some most frequently asked questions regarding social distancing:

Can I interact with outside people?

Avoid face to face interaction, if it is possible, don’t.

Can I go to the workplace?

Most of the companies are closed. One should not interact with colleagues physically, if possible. Working from home is the best option.

Can I handshake?

Handshake is the most important tradition in this society. Viruses can transmit easily through physical touch; therefore, no handshake is the best option.

Can I hug close ones?

Avoid hugs altogether, to the outside friends and relatives.

Can I go to public places?

Stay away from all of the public places. These are the most critical places where the virus can infect persons: public parks, bus stations and other restoration centres. Most importantly, stay away from crowds. Moreover, stay away from public transport, if possible. Drive bicycle,

How much distance should I maintain?

In case you have to meet someone in person. Make sure to maintain a healthy distance. Probably, 2-meter or six-foot would be sufficient.

Can I travel to another city?

Please do not travel from city to city. Stay where you are.

Can I go to the gym?

Not going to the gym would be the best idea.

Can I attend parties, funerals or marriage ceremony?

Do not participate in any public event. It can severely affect you, your family and other people around you. Therefore, don’t attend gatherings at all.


To sum up, it is a peak time for many countries to act immediately to lockdown the cities and public places. Wash your hands often. Follow the precautionary measures to eliminate this pandemic from society.