Wash Your Hands

As COVID-19 cases surge 200,000 around the globe. There is a dire need to tackle this epidemic. Preventive measures are a thousand times better than the treatment. Any soap can do this job.

Viruses like Coronavirus spread easily. Therefore, the cleanliness of hands is one of the essential ways to prevent further spreading.

There is plenty of chance one can get infected with the novel coronavirus in public transport, market, or in a social gathering.

Coronavirus Cell (COVID-19)
A cell of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hand wash is crucial as a preventive measure for cleanliness. All of the germs cannot be killed with water only. Therefore, washing with soap is necessary.

When one washes his hands with soap it broke the cells of the germs on the hands.


broken cell of (COVID-19)
A broken cell of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Why Soap is necessary?

Germs like oil do not get off of the skin. Therefore, it is essential to use sanitizer to clean skin.

Oil and water in the jar
Oil cannot mix in the water.

When a person washes his skin with soap germs like Coronavirs mix into water and flows with the water.

Oil and water with soap
Oil mixed into the water with soap.

Why 20 Seconds

Washing your hands for at least twenty seconds is necessary. In the case of fewer than twenty seconds, it may not kill all the viruses. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands long enough to kill all of the germs.

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