May 2023

How To Be an Extraordinary Student In The Class

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Becoming a successful student involves cultivating various essential qualities and adopting effective habits. Introduction The journey through academics and productive learning can be a complex one, demanding an array of fundamental skills. These skills range from setting clear objectives and ensuring regular class attendance, to mastering efficient note-taking techniques, maintaining organization, and promoting active engagement. This article serves as a comprehensive resource, providing practical advice on crucial aspects like wise time management, recognizing when to ask for help, keeping motivation high, developing self-discipline, and looking after your overall health. Each section of this guide explores a unique skill, elucidating its importance and offering concrete steps for its application in your educational journey. The aim of this guide extends beyond improving your academic performance; it strives to promote a balanced and wholesome approach to learning and life. Regardless of whether you are a secondary school student or an enthusiast of lifelong [...]

March 2023

Pro Tips for Acing Your General Knowledge Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

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Preparing for a general knowledge exam can be a daunting task, but with a systematic approach, it can be manageable. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a general knowledge exam: Start by creating a study plan: A study plan will help you stay organized and focused. Set aside specific times each day or week to study and stick to it. Identify the topics to be covered: General knowledge exams can cover a broad range of topics, such as history, geography, current events, politics, and science. Make a list of all the topics that will be covered in the exam and prioritize them based on your strengths and weaknesses. Use reliable sources: Use reliable sources such as textbooks, reference books, and online resources to gather information on each topic. Make sure to cross-check the information from different sources to ensure accuracy. Take notes: Taking notes as you study [...]

December 2019

How Book Reading is an Expensive Hobby in Pakistan

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Book reading is a great habit, and one can have a book in hand every time, which can eliminate boredom. However, half of the population cannot afford to buy books. It’s not because they are poor but the books are too expensive as compare to other countries. The prices of books are high; most of them are not in the range of ordinary citizens. In Pakistan, publishing is the highest paying industry. There is no check and balance, and publishers often charge the prices of their own choice. Pakistan is among the countries where the education level is not right. There are some regions where the literacy rate among women is below ten percent. Is Islam is a hindrance to the modernism? Baluchistan and KPK are among the most conservative areas of the state. Book reading is a hobby for the elite class. Many educational institutes exist only [...]

How to Get High Grades in Programming Languages?

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Getting A+ in Programming is a bit tricky part. However, there are certain ways that can pave the smooth road to secure good grades. In this article, we will highlight ways to get high grades in any programming language. Getting good grades in any subject is a bit tricky part therefore, only a few students succeed in this goal. Mostly, students fail in programming subjects such as C++, OOP, and Data Structure. It is because they do not work according to the nature of the subjects. Try to look from a broader perspective, what is the main objective of Computer in this World? It is problem-solving, the invention of the computer made human labor easy. Same as that your purpose should be learning new things. If you are serious about your career then, you should focus on your learning. There should be must room for learning at any time. To [...]

September 2019

Why Schools are Important to form Nation

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School plays a crucial role in forming the nation. It adds life-lasting impacts on the children. In all parts of the World, east and west, parents send their children to school for their growth. The infant starts learning the moment he born, he tries to memories things, the faces he sees. When he grows up the parents send him in school. So that when he grows up he can live within a human being. All schools do not provide quality education. Everywhere, a few schools are famous for there quality education. But, those schools are not affordable by common citizens. Sometimes, political influence is used to get into school. For example, MBBS admission. "Elite class Education; only for Elite class." -Waqas Gondal When we look at the list of the leaders of the country or the bureaucracy of Pakistan. The major chunk is occupied by foreign graduates. Why it is [...]

Libraries: An Obsolete Trend

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This history of libraries dates back to ancient times. The main objective of libraries are access to the books. People travel hundreds and thousands of miles to acquire knowledge. However, after the introduction of computer and Internet technology; it is declining continuously. Amazon Kindle, an e-reader, launched in 2000. This gadget helps in reducing the burden of heavy books. Therefore, a man can carry millions of books in his pocket. Good leaders focus on the education. They educate their nation and enhance the skills of the labor force.  As a result, the economy of the country flourish. The existing libraries are not maintained as they were. Certainly, they are not required anymore. Above all, the main object of library is to provide books and space to read them. After the introduction of Web technology; it is totally changed. Students and researchers do not go there. They read books on their [...]

August 2019

English the Alien Language in Punjab

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Around a decade ago, the Chief Minster of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif changed the medium of teaching from Urdu to English. By conducting the survey in 22 districts of Punjab; it is proved that the decision was not beneficial for little souls as well as for the teachers. The surveys proved that the primary class students neither can write English nor Urdu. So, the government has decided to switch back to Urdu in the coming year, March 2020. The question is, switching back to Urdu, will it be effective? Is medium of teaching (English) hurdle in effective education? Is Urdu being the ‘mother tongue’ of the entire population? If No, how will it affect it positively. When we look at the statistics most of the population live in rural areas; which mostly speak Punjabi, Saraiki or other regional languages. To improve the standard of Education, there are other ways, [...]

How to select a good FYP for CS students?

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The final year project (FYP) is the core of a degree, either it is Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), or Software Engineering (SE). It plays a crucial role to secure job in the tech industry. In that case, it should be challenging that helps to learn new things. The selection of the topic is quite a strenuous process. The students should select the topic in which he is interested or wants to work in that field. Mostly, students select a topic, but the supervisors ask the candidates to bring some novel ideas. To bring novelty requires a lot of research, without effort the project will be useless. Research papers help to create something new. Try to read topic research papers specific to your topic. Afterward, apply your critical thinking and make sure how you can make it better or create something from scratch. As Anthony J. D'Angelo said, [...]

Why Google is Better than any Other Teacher

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The standards of Education are not only dependent on Teacher’s qualification; but on the environment, behavior of teachers and students, syllabus and the methods of teaching. Google is accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere. A student should not worry about the time when the (teacher) will be available to teach me. Teachers have its own way of teaching, if you are studying in the form of group or class, then you must compromise one way or other. Teaching – as a business; for most of the teachers it is the highly paying business. It doesn’t mean they should not charge for their time and effort. But, in most cases, they don’t care if students are learning or not until they are getting paid. Learning cure important when we talk efficient and effective education. Everyone has different pace to grasp novelistic things. Google is the best, here things can be [...]

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