How to select a good FYP for CS students?

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The final year project (FYP) is the core of a degree, either it is Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), or Software Engineering (SE). It plays a crucial role to secure job in the tech industry. In that case, it should be challenging that helps to learn new things. The selection of the topic is quite a strenuous process. The students should select the topic in which he is interested or wants to work in that field. Mostly, students select a topic, but the supervisors ask the candidates to bring some novel ideas. To bring novelty requires a lot of research, without effort the project will be useless. Research papers help to create something new. Try to read topic research papers specific to your topic. Afterward, apply your critical thinking and make sure how you can make it better or create something from scratch. As Anthony J. D'Angelo said, [...]