The Air Quality of Lahore is Deteriorating Day by Day

Industrial Pollution

AIR is one of the crucial elements for the survival of human beings in the world. Undoubtedly, the Industrial Revolution brought many evolvements; however, it brought certain consequences among them is air pollution.

Lahore, the city of more than 11 million people is suffering from inner pollution and outer air pollutants. The inner are those which are being emitted by their industry. However, the outer pollutants are those which travels through air and mostly come from India. The air quality of the City is worsening day by day.

It is estimated that the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Lahore is 484 and is increasing. AQI is a standard to measure Air and lesser it is the better it will be; therefore, 300 is the threshold. The geographical location of Pakistan is bringing good and bad things. It is helping her to connect north and south but she is facing some negative impacts; which are becoming more visible day by day. Pakistan is one of the countries which is adversely affecting Climate Change.

There is no single cause to this emerging problem which is rising at a high pace. The traffic pollution emits a major chunk in the pollution. Moreover, industrial and agriculture also emit 10 to 20 per cent each. Advancement in both of the industries is necessary to prevent further worsening the situation.

To encapsulate, it is not an individual or some specific genera issue. Therefore, we have to make collective efforts to address this issue. The effort won’t be for a specific group of people; it is for the survival of human beings.

Lahore – the Most Congested City

badshahi mosque

Pakistan is the 5th populist country in the world. Lahore as the capital of Punjab; everybody must visit Lahore for work, business or education. Health is the most important factor of a human being. Taking a breath in the atmosphere of Lahore bad.

Everybody is bound by its fate, no one can deny the facts or change his/her ethnicity; one must compromise one way or other. Lahore is the Third largest city of Pakistan and 15th largest city in the world. It has everything that one needed for his survival such as medical facilities, Government departments and educational institutes.

Traffic jam is on the main routes is everyday activity; the people of rural areas surrounding Lahore must face on their daily commutes. After eight hours of work being stuck in traffic, a blockage is equal to torture physically and mentally.

People of other political parties usually make fun of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) by saying “Mian Sahib ‘ik pul hor bnaa devo’. But as a rational writer, if all the work on the infrastructure of the Lahore was not done, Lahore would not be a livable city.

In conclusion, the lack of effective Sewerage system makes every street and road flood; a person must wait hours or switch his route in case of a little rain.