December 2019

How Book Reading is an Expensive Hobby in Pakistan

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Book reading is a great habit, and one can have a book in hand every time, which can eliminate boredom. However, half of the population cannot afford to buy books. It’s not because they are poor but the books are too expensive as compare to other countries. The prices of books are high; most of them are not in the range of ordinary citizens. In Pakistan, publishing is the highest paying industry. There is no check and balance, and publishers often charge the prices of their own choice. Pakistan is among the countries where the education level is not right. There are some regions where the literacy rate among women is below ten percent. Is Islam is a hindrance to the modernism? Baluchistan and KPK are among the most conservative areas of the state. Book reading is a hobby for the elite class. Many educational institutes exist only [...]

October 2019

Why You Should Write a Review of the Book You Read?

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In the 21st century, books, magazines and newspapers are accessible to all over the world; people read a lot of information on daily basis. However, they usually do not remember what they read. Writing reviews about books is a good start to become a good reader. So that, you not only remember what you read but also pave a way to other readers. Writing a review is a cumbersome process for some people. It requires time and effort. To write a good review, you have to take notes while reading the book. So that at the end you can write a killer review of the book. There are different digital platforms where you can publish your review such as Amazon, Good Reads. The well known newspapers of Pakistan, such as Dawn also publish book reviews in editorial section.  

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