Why Google is Better than any Other Teacher

Google Search Engine

The standards of Education are not only dependent on Teacher’s qualification; but on the environment, behavior of teachers and students, syllabus and the methods of teaching. Google is accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere. A student should not worry about the time when the (teacher) will be available to teach me. Teachers have its own way of teaching, if you are studying in the form of group or class, then you must compromise one way or other.

Teaching – as a business; for most of the teachers it is the highly paying business. It doesn’t mean they should not charge for their time and effort. But, in most cases, they don’t care if students are learning or not until they are getting paid. Learning cure important when we talk efficient and effective education. Everyone has different pace to grasp novelistic things. Google is the best, here things can be learned on individual’s own pace.

Google may not be able to replace human beings, but it is worth giving chance. Learning things by reading articles, watching visual depiction and looking on others work. It doesn’t mean teachers are useless in the 21st century but, self-learning is gradually replacing it.