Why You Should Stop Sharing your Blog Posts on Social Media

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Social media is a great platform to increase the traffic of your website or blog for your business; however, if you want to earn money in the long run, it will not be much beneficial if you are sharing your post on social media, for instance, Facebook Twitter is Instagram. I have seen many people who spend a lot of time every day sharing their one post on as many platforms as possible. Undoubtedly, it will increase the number of visitors on that day, however, the user is not going to return on your website again. Because they did not discover your website from Google search engine. So most probably they won’t return on their own. Therefore, it is a wise approach to spend most of your time on creating good content rather than wasting time on sharing your post on social media platforms.

Impact of social media sharing

Sharing the post on social media has a great impact. It is a short run because the customer probably won’t return so you are investing a great amount of time to share the post on every platform. The first website I created a long time ago, at that time, I was just used to sharing my blog posts on different platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. It gave me a lot of satisfaction because when I look in Google analytics, it seems as if I get a spike-like 20 or 30 visitors every day. but the spike becomes downwards when I just do not write a blog post and forget to share my post on social media. Most importantly these spikes are just temporary, so one should invest time in something great.

How much one can earn from social media sharing

It is hard to tell the exact number, but it depends on the number of your social media followers. for instance, if you have 100 kilo social media followers or a page like on Facebook; maybe you will get 10,000 to 20,000 clicks and your post. It will count as impressions if someone clicks on ads; it will add up further. So you will earn accordingly.

It is average that if there are a hundred impressions on your Google AdSense, you will earn roughly $1. Note: these rates vary from country to country and quality of the visitors.

Why social media sharing is a waste of time for some people

I am not totally against sharing your post on any famous social media. I am saying that if you do not have many fans following for your page or account on social media, it won’t add much into your earning. It is a wise approach to spend most of your time on some creative activity. For instance, create a new blog post, improve your existing one or add some graphic art.


How to get traffic if you are a beginner

if you are a novice in the field of blogging content writing or digital marketing. you will probably be struggling to get some attention on the internet. Social media sharing is not a great way to do so.

First thing first you must have to write great content without compromising on the quality of the content. For instance, if you are writing on beauty tips you have to maintain rhythm, write twice a week, add some graphics in it, and write a diverse range of content about beauty, health and fitness. Which one we are another link to beauty.

Don’t be panic if your website is not getting organic traffic by Google or any other search engines. Every search engine has its mechanism to show on the front page. Work on SEO, write according to the titles, use tags. keep working and maintain consistency eventually you will start ranking Google search engine.



Sharing your post on social media every day doesn’t add up much into your earning in the long term. Therefore one should focus on the quality of the content, SEO and work on the things which add value to the users. In this way, Google and other search engines will automatically show your pages on the first page of the search engine. SEO keyword research and graphics should not be neglected. Things have much importance in search engine ranking.


Thank you for reading up to the end. If you still have any questions, please let me know. I will respond to you as soon as possible.