November 2020

KSA: A State In Demise

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KSA, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia is the demise. There are many factors behind the failure of the Arabian state. But, ware against Muslim brothers is the fatal one. Since 2015, the Kingdom is openly fighting proxy wars against Iran. As you know wars only create chaos in the region. Islam is the religion of peace, but, killing Muslim brothers is not part of the religion. KSA is trying to be a regional power with the help of an iron brother, United States of America. Nowadays, Arabian states are opting out of Arab Spring and forming ties with enemies. For instance, the UAE's move to make bilateral ties with the Jewish state is the latest development. There is a massive pressure on KSA to accept Israel. The acceptance of the Israeli state raises my questions on the unity of Muslim Ummah. Organisation of [...]

October 2019

MBS Made Most Awaited Reforms in Kingdom

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Finally, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) is on the way to modernise the Kingdom. He allows women to drive, lift the ban on travel for women and dismantle the religious police. After World-War I, the succession for the Arabian empire began. An influential family Al-Saud successfully created a government. In the 1960s, the first time in history, the emperor made a plan to shift the economy from petrochemical state to establish other industries. Therefore, the King made planned to establish Economic Corridors; later on other plans were also made by emperors but, none of them successfully implemented. The wise king, Muhammad Bin Salman, is going to take good care of Kingdom Saudi Arabia. It is the 21st century, to run the state effectively, the king will bring many more reforms in the upcoming years. A few months back, a Bangkok journalist reported a case of a girl Rahfa (her story [...]

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