Why most of the Epidemics are emerging from China

Mainland China is considered the home of many epidemics. Most recently, Covid-19 emerged from Wuhan, a province in China. The virus spread from the seafood market, which is well known for wildlife animals.

In the past, China legalized many species of animals to overcome the food shortage in the country to tackle the most significant population in the world. Therefore, people started raising wild animals. Over time, the Chinese government made legal to build all sorts of animals in-home or form houses.

People go to China and to buy and sell animals. It further gave rise to a rapid increase in the species of animals available in the Chinese market.
Moreover, there is one place where all sorts of animals are kept. The virus often jumps from one animal to another, one species to another and vice versa. These days, most of the diseases jump from animals to humans. Coronavirus is one of them.

In December 2019, the Coronavirus infected human beings which have symptoms like pneumonia. During the first two months, it affected 100,000 people, and more than 3,000 are dead. The numbers are still rising, day after day.

It is not the first time; the virus emerged from the food market. In 2003, a similar virus originated which killed 900 people. On that time, the Chinese government also shut down the food market. But it was made open after a short period.

The Republic of China is responsible for this blunder. The government should make some rules and policies to tackle this all-time threat to the survival of human beings and other species.

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