Student Activism is on The Rise in Pakistan

seminar hand raising

Student Activism is on the rise in Pakistan. Student Solidarity March is held in Pakistan for the deteriorating students of rights, social issues the students face in universities. Students of Pakistan shows a peaceful protest in the 50 cities around Pakistan to lift the ban on student unions and rights of the students. Lawyers and other unions part take in this show.

Moreover, students play a crucial role in forming the direction of the future of any nation or state. However, if students do not part take in any sort of social activities; then, in which direction students will go.

Student unions are the core in the Indian Sub-Continent who make it possible that we can breathe in the open air. However, if students do not play a vital role; then we would be suffering the same oppression as Kashmiris.

The Student Solidarity March takes place in Lahore, Friday, Nov 29, 2019, from Nasir Bagh to Charring Cross. The students participate in March who belong to different institutes.

There is a dire need to address the issues the students are facing in Pakistan. The PTI lead government by PM Imran Khan to cut the budget for education from Rs. 103bn to Rs. 59bn. However, spending on education sector was already minimal. It will further worsen the situation.

Harassment of students is also prevalent everywhere. It is one of many problems the students suffer. The government should save make policies to eliminate this rising epidemic. The student unions should allow operating in the country.

To sum up, the students are on the way to speak for their rights. It is a good sign of the future leaders will have leadership skills. It is wise to eliminate extremism, not the future of the nation.