How Book Reading is an Expensive Hobby in Pakistan

Book Reading is an expensive hobby

Book reading is a great habit, and one can have a book in hand every time, which can eliminate boredom. However, half of the population cannot afford to buy books. It’s not because they are poor but the books are too expensive as compare to other countries.

The prices of books are high; most of them are not in the range of ordinary citizens. In Pakistan, publishing is the highest paying industry. There is no check and balance, and publishers often charge the prices of their own choice.

Pakistan is among the countries where the education level is not right. There are some regions where the literacy rate among women is below ten percent. Is Islam is a hindrance to the modernism? Baluchistan and KPK are among the most conservative areas of the state.

book reading
Book reading is a hobby for the elite class.

Many educational institutes exist only in documents that do not have real existence, sometimes called ghost schools. They are the burden on the economy. Teachers and students both of them do not go to school. The building of the schools used every purpose except for education.

Many analysts believe that Islam is a hindrance to the modernism of Pakistan. Unfortunately, they are right to some extent. According to Al-Quran, both sexes male and female are equal; both of them should seek for knowledge. Here, in Pakistan, women are not allowed to go to the colleges due to the co-education.


Lack of libraries in every city of the country is a conundrum. There are only a few limited numbers of libraries that exist only in the major cities across the country. In spite of the fact, the PTI lead government to cut short the budget for education. The Government of Pakistan should take effective measures to establish libraries in each of the cities.

It is the 21st century, the era of technology. Therefore, digital libraries exist across the globe, which is continuously replacing traditional libraries. There is a well known digital library HEC Digital Library. However, it is mostly used for research purposes.

To conclude, book reading is the habit of a developed nation. To, improve the financial position of Pakistan, the government should make an effort to eliminate ignorance across the country. As well as there is a dire need to establish a board for check and balance for skyrocketing prices of books.

How to Get High Grades in Programming Languages?

PHP Hello World

Getting A+ in Programming is a bit tricky part. However, there are certain ways that can pave the smooth road to secure good grades. In this article, we will highlight ways to get high grades in any programming language.

Getting good grades in any subject is a bit tricky part therefore, only a few students succeed in this goal. Mostly, students fail in programming subjects such as C++, OOP, and Data Structure. It is because they do not work according to the nature of the subjects.

Try to look from a broader perspective, what is the main objective of Computer in this World? It is problem-solving, the invention of the computer made human labor easy. Same as that your purpose should be learning new things.

If you are serious about your career then, you should focus on your learning. There should be must room for learning at any time.

To prove your competency, you must practice. As a wise man said, practice makes a man perfect. So, you should practice a lot.

It is the fact that God made everybody equal. All the human being is equal, they have equal abilities. You just must polish them.

These are the 5 techniques that will help you to secure good grades.

Learn From Books, Articles & Tutorials

Books are the best source to learn anything new; there is no exception for computer programming. To secure high marks one should cover the basics. Learning a programming language is a steep process. Books are considered an authentic source. So, it should be your first choice.

Read as many articles you can read on different topics. It is a great source to learn from other mature developers.

Solve Problems

Do you know, what is the main objective of Computers in this World? … … It is to solve problems; reduce human labor. So are going to be part of the rapidly emerging industry. Therefore, it is mandatory-you can solve any given problem of any sort.

Solving problems is the ultimate goal of a computer programmer. For instance,

Practice, Practice & Practice

The practice is necessary to bring perfection in any work. As a wise man said, practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, you should practice on each topic. To secure good marks; you must practice on each of the topics.

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Work on Your Cognitive Skills

This is the only skill which is required in every department.

Sign up to StackOverflow

This is the platform specifically designed for computer programmers; where they can raise questions and get help from an expert in the field.

To encapsulate, self-learning is the ultimate thing that can help you to get good grades.


Dabangg 3 Is Not Releasing in Pakistan

Dabangg 3

Dabangg 3 is the latest action movie by the king of Bollywood Salman Khan. However, it is not releasing in Pakistan. The Pakistani Government banned many things which also created severe problems for both India and Pakistan.

Dabangg 3 is the latest movie of Salman Khan Films and Arbaaz Khan Films. The leading roles in the movie are played by Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, and Arbaaz Khan. And it is the sequel of Dabangg 1 and Dabangg 2.

The Pakistani Entertainment Industry thinks that it is a good sign that it will have a positive impact on the Pakistani industry. The people won’t have any other option of entertainment other than Pakistani media. Therefore, they are very happy with this move of the government.

There is a major chunk of the Pakistani lie remarks that the Indian Media is promoting and showing vulgarity across the world. Therefore, the movies and TV serials should be prohibited since the beginning.

Dabangg 3 is a ban in Pakistan. There are many conflicts and disputes that exist between the two countries. Therefore, it also affects the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, Dabangg 3 is not released by the Pakistani government. The Government of Pakistan also banned the import of medicine from India which leads to severe problems for the nation. Moreover, there was a ban on Indian Flights to cross the Pakistani territory.

By setting all the differences and affiliations aside one can say that, the entertainment also lay positive impacts among the nations which lead to harmony among the nations.

December 16 – The Darkest Day in the History of Pakistan

Empty Chairs

December 16, is one of the darkest days of Pakistan. She lost her wing, East Pakistan, and lost 142 precious innocent live in APS attack.

God made all of the days equally important; except the only event makes distinguish among them. Pakistan is one of the countries which emerged on the basis of ideology. She has two wings East Pakistan and West Pakistan. However, Pakistan lost her East wing on an unfortunate event.

December 16, is the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. She lost her East Wing on the same day 1971, and, on the same day, 2014 Pakistan lost 140 precious innocent lives. It is an unforgettable day in the history of Pakistan.

There are many factors behind this tragic day. Pakistan lost its wing because of a lack of political harmony, enemy between the wings of the country, and hundreds of the miles between the wings. Furthermore, the lack of population support to the Pak Army. As a wise many said, “none of the war can be won without the support of the local population.”

December 16, 2014, the Army Public School Peshawar Attacked by the Taliban in which 142 lives were affected. It occurred exactly six months and a day after, Pakistan launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The Operation was launched against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan on June 15, 2014.

Pakistan is not safe for children. The little soules are being assassinated on different names. Either it is child abuse, marriages on the name of Islam, child pornography, or terrorist attack. Therefore, the government should make some policies to save the future of the nation.

To sum up, all of the days of a year are equal and neutral, but December 16 is worst among all. No one can compensate for the losses of Pakistan except God. However, everything won’t be compensated during this life. Some things will be promised for the afterlife. It is hoped these losses are meant that.

Educated Mafia and Punjab Institute of Cardiology

Doctor with a stethoscope.

Doctors are meant to a saviour, but in Pakistan, it is totally opposite. They commit crimes on different levels. In case they are working in government they’ll be much more arrogant. As can be seen in the recent viral video.

The issue began when one lawyer went for a regular checkup of his mother. As usual, the doctors don’t pay heed to the case which leads to the arguments. After that, the group of doctors beat the lawyer.

After, a day, a doctor namely Irfan has uploaded a video in which he was making fun of lawyers in front of all of the staff members of the hospital. Furthermore, he challenged the lawyers to come and beat us.

Finally, the day came and the lawyers take the revenge. The lawyers on the way to record a protest, however, the situation turned violent.

The attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology raises many questions. How educated community behave? What is the level of educated community in Pakistan? Who is responsible for all of this loss? Government or the Punjab Police.

HBL Is The Worst Bank In Pakistan

A person is counting money manually.

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is one of the oldest banks in Pakistan. However, it is the bank with the worst customer support, inadequate security, and faulty systems. HBL has a monopoly on having many branches around the state. Therefore, people do not have any other option except this so-called – HBL.

Once in a while, people share their stories of being victims of a security breach in HBL’s poor systems. Around two years ago, 10 million rupees were stolen through HBL ATM’s poor security.

People often complain about the poor performance of the system overall. A friend of mine told me, he was also the victim of this poor service. Naseer, my friend, made a transaction through ATM Withdrawl. He didn’t get money but, the bank says the transaction is successful. Further, it takes two and a half months to resolve the matter.

A few days ago, I made a transaction through online banking. Immediately, the funds were debited from my account, albeit, it didn’t reach on the destination. I am making an effort to approach customer services, but all in vain. They do not attend the call, simply, terminate the call after 10 minutes. Or says, we’ve logged a complaint. So, keep waiting.

HBL Helpline Calls
A recent call history shows the HBL helpline.

Why Habib Bank Limited is The Worst?

None of the banks is good or bad by the time of its creation. It is the features or services it provides, the human resource; the way of working, or the command chain. All of these factors help us to decide either it is a good bank or worst.

Poor Customer Support

HBL is well-known for its poor customer support. One has to wait for at least 20 minutes to talk to the representative of the bank. Another telecom giant PTCL has also a similar reputation in Pakistan, albeit their customer service is great.

Faulty Systems

We have reached 2020, but still, HBL is using old techniques to do banking. Come on HBL, make some changes in your system, and speed it up. HBL is at the top of the list of monetary losses due to faulty systems.

Lack of Flexibility

HBL lacks adaptability, which is crucial to provide good services to the customers. The bank needs to improve the system to make it easy for users. One rightly said, everybody wants to earn a profit, but no one is ready to invest.

Bureaucratic Style of Working

Banking in Pakistan never flourished as it should be. In Pakistan, the National Bank of Pakistan and Habib Bank Limited are known for their bureaucratic style of working. They follow the most complex style of command of the chain. The seniors usually enjoy high incentives, and juniors have a high bulk of work to do daily with minimal salary. There is a dire need to change the command of the chain in these banks.

To encapsulate, it is an era of the digital world. However, HBL is the most conservative bank. The ones who do not adopt the changes suffer the fate like Yahoo. In business terminology, a customer is the king of the market. When the customers are facing problems, then the decline for the company begins.


Why Students Have Poor Handwriting, Nowadays?

English Handwriting

These days, computers are replacing people in every field of life so, as it is right in the case of writing. Nowadays, students do not write much. Therefore, excellent writing skills never develop. They submit assignments in softcopy, which leads to bad poor writing as well as poor comprehension skills.

Why are Students so bad at Handwriting?

Digital World

It is the digital era; students do not need to write much in their day to day life. They usually submit assignments through email in soft copies as well as quizzes are held in Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is also a digital app.

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education. –Mahatma Gandhi

How to Improve Handwriting?

It doesn’t matter in which language you write because all the concepts are the same. But, make sure you have an excellent comprehension of parts of speech, grammar rules and vocabulary.

Write Everyday

No one can succeed in life without a routine as it is right in the case or handwriting. One must write every day to be competent in the language or script. As a wise man said, practice makes a man perfect. It is the rule of law.

Write Multiple Languages

There are many scripts that are common among different nations. For instance, Indian writes Punjabi in Gurmukhi, on the other hand, Pakistanis write in Shahmukhi.

Write Much

Write every day five to seven pages; it will not only improve your writing skills; further, it will enhance your analytical abilities.

Make Notes

In each class, during the lecture, try to make neat and clean notes. It will help you to recall what you read. Moreover, it’ll also help you to write better.

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The Division of Indian Sub-Continent

A weapon being used in War.

The division of the Indian Sub-continent is one the difficult process for most of South Asia. Thousands of people lost their lives in this so-called Partition. However, in this partition around 20 million people from long term oppression by getting a separate homeland. Initially, it was Pakistan only but now Bangladesh.

Overall, the partition was in the favour of Muslims, so that they can follow the preaching of Islam and Muhammad (PBUH) without any fear. The ones who chose to live in India are still suffering from Indian Oppression, in spite of the fact.

It is estimated that around a million people lost their lives in this mass migration. And many more suffered financial losses in this mass migration. Many people left their assets and belongings. The governments promised to make financial compensations. Many projects have launched both sides of the border for the allotment of land. But nothing can compensate the memory attached to the places, the religion or the social circles. As a wise man said, everything can be replaced except human beings.

Wars Fought Between India and Pakistan

India-Pakistan Wars Timeline
This is the timeline of the wars fought between India and Pakistan.

The boundary dispute between India and Pakistan is a bone of contention among them. They fought three major wars and dozens of clash. The skirmish began immediately after two months of separation in 1947. One of the wars proved fatal for Pakistan and divided into two chunks. Which results in a new state called Bangladesh.

India claims that it is a secular state, however, it is not the case under the Modi Prime Minister. Muslims are suffering in many ways. The Hindu nationalist government decided Babri Masjid in the favour of Hindus. India was a secular state however, not anymore. Modi points out, Hindustan is for Hindus.

The division between India and Pakistan was made in the haste which is making life miserable for the thousands of millions. It is not the only case of the Indian sub-continent wherever the British made so-called colonies they are still suffering after seven decades such as Hong Kong.