Why Students Have Poor Handwriting, Nowadays?

English Handwriting

These days, computers are replacing people in every field of life so, as it is right in the case of writing. Nowadays, students do not write much. Therefore, excellent writing skills never develop. They submit assignments in softcopy, which leads to bad poor writing as well as poor comprehension skills.

Why are Students so bad at Handwriting?

Digital World

It is the digital era; students do not need to write much in their day to day life. They usually submit assignments through email in soft copies as well as quizzes are held in Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is also a digital app.

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education. –Mahatma Gandhi

How to Improve Handwriting?

It doesn’t matter in which language you write because all the concepts are the same. But, make sure you have an excellent comprehension of parts of speech, grammar rules and vocabulary.

Write Everyday

No one can succeed in life without a routine as it is right in the case or handwriting. One must write every day to be competent in the language or script. As a wise man said, practice makes a man perfect. It is the rule of law.

Write Multiple Languages

There are many scripts that are common among different nations. For instance, Indian writes Punjabi in Gurmukhi, on the other hand, Pakistanis write in Shahmukhi.

Write Much

Write every day five to seven pages; it will not only improve your writing skills; further, it will enhance your analytical abilities.

Make Notes

In each class, during the lecture, try to make neat and clean notes. It will help you to recall what you read. Moreover, it’ll also help you to write better.

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