Imran Khan

On the September  27, 2019, Imran Khan was on seven day-long trip. He traveled the way to New York to raise the issue of Kashmir curfew.

In fifty minutes long speech, Imran Khan talk about four issues. First Climate Change, second Financial Crisis, third Islamophobiaweaker andactions most importantly, Kashmir Issue.

Firstly, Pakistan is in the list of top ten countries most affecting climate change and global warming. However, the share of Pakistan in Green House Gases is minimal.

Secondly, Mr. Khan point out financial crisis. The rich are becoming richer and the poor  is getting poorer. Te International organization should take notice and form measures to mitigate this crisis.

There are a few radial groups in the world, which are the root cause of most terrorist activities around the globe. Those are not part of any religion. Therefore, Islam should not be criticized for there activities. Islam, is the name of peace.

Most importantly, Kashmir is facing lockdown since August 5th, 2019. The United Nations should resolve the issue. Khan said this is the test of the United Nations.


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