Game of Thrones — the best TV serial have ever made in entertainment industry by HBO production. It is well known for its super duper hit characters; visual quality, animation and of course, team efforts.

The story of GoT, is very interesting, catchy and addictive. When, a person watches its single episode, it create suspense that a person needs to watch the next ones. It seems that the story is the replica of The Mughal Empire which shows monarchy of different tribes and the ambition to rule the world. However, a few says that they did not conclude it properly.

Someone wisely said, life is not a bed of roses. It is true in case of GoT; the Northerns, the Stark family, tried very hard to survive in the cruel world, to save their family but, few things cannot be controlled. The little one, Arya Stark, the killer of Night Walkers, learnt a lot of things on her way to take revenge from Lannister’s. The life, she live is not easy one; neither it is enjoyable nor fascinating. However, she survived.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

This world is not an easy place to live in, death is also tough process; but, death is certain. Everyone do not get equal opportunities to live this life, therefore, the superior ones live in better quality of life, got more opportunities, a large social circle and live life as an influential person. However, it is not confirmed, they will die happily.

Money cannot buy you happiness but, it let you choose your misery.

This is the world of approximately 8 billion people. In the era of digital world everyone is not happy; thousands of millions of people suffering from physical and psychological diseases. A few got chance to find cure but, most don’t.

In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about Life. It goes on. — Robert Frost

Life is what it is, there is a saying in Urdu language, people forbid living, God forbids suicide (logon ny jeena haraam keya, Khuda ny marna). life in not infinite, the oppression is finite, the oppressor will find justice, during the life or after life; it is certain.