How Microsoft Never Flourished in WWW

microsoft icon on keyboard

Microsoft is a well-known company by everyone around the globe. It is the era of the digital world everybody uses gadgets to bring ease in life. They have a lot of reputation in the computer operating system. However, it failed badly in Mobile technologies and never flourished well in the World Wide Web. In my view, Microsoft is trying very hard to grasp some share in Web Technologies, but it is not working for them.

Microsoft’s defunct Internet Explorer and currently Edge, only those users who have integration with other products. Since last week, I’m using Edge for my day to day activities; it is worst than I imagined. Sometimes pages don’t load; often, the information on the pages is missing. Last year in June, I was in the conference on Web Technologies held in Lahore; the presenter said that every Windows user uses Microsoft Browser to download other browsers. Virtual Private Network is also an important product of today’s era.

The personal computer OS leader, Microsoft, is failing badly in the World Wide Web (WWW) technologies as it failed in Mobile Operating System. The team tried many times to establish its market but failed man times. As a wise man said, mind your own business. On the other hand, Google has a good repute in web technologies.

Google, which is pioneering in Computing Technologies, is offering Open Source browser Google Chrome. The company has a massive influx of users around the globe. It is estimated that around 90 percent of the web users access WWW through Chrome.

To sum up, no one cannot completely rely on Microsoft Edge because of its errors and bugs. In spite of that, the Edge team is continually adding new features; but, with all that, it still does not worth using. It is because, nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the tech industry.