India is Not a Secular State, How?

Indian Flag

India, the home of 1.3 billion peoples; this is the home of many different nations that are living in the Indian sub-continent since before Christ. Now the case is different, the Hindus are making efforts from head to toe to perish the minorities. Many events are gigantic evidence that Hindustan is for Hindus. India is not a secular state. The fascist PM, Narendra Modi, is perishing the rights of the Muslim population in India.

The Modi tried to perish the innocent Muslims in Kashmir by abrogating the special status of the princely state on August 5th this year. It’s been two and a half months the innocent Kashmiris are barred into Jails and the communication services are jammed. It is the extreme level of humanitarian crisis; the Muslims are the main target of this genocide.

Babri Masjid is one of the other favoritisms to the Hindu community. The case dates to 1992 when the Holy place of Muslims was perished by Hindus and many causalities occurred. The case registered into the apex court. The case remains being postponed for 30 years. In November this year, the Court announced the verdict which spoke in the favor of Hindus.

To encapsulate, in India every community is minority except Hindus and the rights of minorities are denied. It is the era of the 21st century the International community should make some effort to establish peace; law and order and bring justice to the continent.