Lahore Development Authority – Refused to Build a Bridge

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A few weeks ago, the gardener of UET Lahore died in an accident in front of the gate on the GT Road. The management committee of UET decided to approach the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and requested to build a pedestrian crossing bridge for the safety of students as well as staff in front of the main gate. However, LDA refused to do so; yes, refused it. During the visit of Shalimar Bagh, while I was passing in front of the Varsity, what I see was tremendous. The Development Authority only agreed to build a speed breaker. Probably, this will or will not reduce the frequency of accidents; but a bridge is mandatory. It is because there is always a massive influx of traffic can be seen during office hours. There is also heavy traffic such as trucks which often overloaded. The varsity is situated on one of the busy [...]