How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan

A person is counting money manually.

As literacy rates have improved in Pakistan. There are many e educated on implied youth in all over Pakistan. However the country does not have many opportunities for the youth. To fulfill their everyday needs more and more people are looking for opportunities online. 


In this article I will explain different ways to earn money online to fulfill everyday needs. 


What you need in order to start earning online

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Interne


What all the skills that you need to earn online

Reading online requires time, effort and hard work. embossed people used to work in offices but now it is most and most companies are going remote. As in 2019 coronavirus spread across the world all of the industries were completely shut down but the online business is still open. So it is a wise choice to start making money online. 


What are the platforms where you can provide your services

There are n different platforms available for different purposes so first of all you have to identify what skills you want to freelance. Fiverr add upwork are most widely used platforms in the world as well as in Pakistan. These platforms are a good choice so create your account and fill up your profile and starch binding to different projects. Eventually you will get your first project there.


How much you can earn online

It is up to you how motivated, passionate and a hard worker you are. For instance, There are many people who earn just 20000 rupees per month. There are hundreds of millions of people who earn more than hundred thousands rupees every month.


What are the commonly freelanced  skills from Pakistan

Writing is the most widely required skill. There are many ee people who offer this service. Graphic designing is one of the crucial services. Many persons offer website design and development and the George hundred $2000 for a single website.


If you have any skill you can freelance online and earn a great livelihood in any part of the world on your own terms.


If you do not have a skill then what

I’m sure you can still earn hundreds of dollars each month but you have to be creative. I want to quote an  example, in the past there were people who did not know anything about each month because they knew how to earn it. Whenever any other platforms. at that time there were no copyright laws on YouTube on any other platforms so they had earned a tremendous amount of money by doing that. Sugu on Google and try to find anything that you can do and sell it.


There is a market for websites where you can sell your own website or buy a website and work on it for a few months and then resell it and you will have a handsome amount of money.

If you know about website design and development you can do that and if you are not aware of how to design a website you can master the skill in a year. By creating different websites online true WordPress bootstrap or custom sites can get you a handsome amount of money.


Online teaching is also another important way to earn money online. For instance people from Pakistan Quran majeed Tu to the people of Europe America II and the Middle East and a lot of money. Moreover you can also create courses on udemy courses khan academy. Whenever someone by that course you will get your share.


There is no free pay money available online; one has to put some effort, time and energy.


Affiliate marketing is also a great way to increase your earning however it requires time and hard work. True that you have to create a website where you can sell Arif different products which you had used are rich you are sponsoring and when you with the by something that you referred you will get your commission. In the beginning it will be a negligible admission if someone buys something like 10 joggers you recommended and you will get like 10% share. By the time when the sale will increase your website’s go of life you will have hundreds of thousands of dollars each month so it is a passive income. 


By starting your own blog you can also make an adaptation as well as a lot of money through advertisements through affiliate marketing and sponsorship. Create a Paterno account where you can offer your custom premium content. 


Starting your own YouTube channel it is also a great way to have ignition as well as money. But it requires video editing and audio editing skills. You have to be well prepared for your contents in what you are going to say. Most importantly mission and vision officer general is important to run long term. Everything changes dramatically so you have to be well prepared for the change so you don’t suffer much.


Graphic designing is a great skill to freelance online. You just need a laptop and creative de to earn thousands of dollars monthly. On the platform you can charge your own price, for instance there are people who charged $5 per logo, on the other hand they are people who create a premium logo for $100. Literally it is a great amount of money for a single graphic.


video editing is also a grade scale II and a great amount of money. as the internet speed improves more and more people are creating advertisements for their businesses for their companies for the products. It is a never ending skill at least for a decade. It is easy to learn the basics of video editing but to master this skill it will require years. However it’s not impossible.


It’s never too late to start earning online. Create your account for or above-mentioned platforms and complete your profile and start selling your services digitally. 


Thank you for reading up to the end. If you still have any question comments, please let us know in the comments section. We will respond to you as soon as possible.