Thana Culture in Pakistan

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Thana Culture was formed in British Raj, to make stronghold on the people of the Indian Sub-continent. However, they were not successful after the First World War their role started declining. They suppressed the poor people of this region. After the division of the Indian sub-continent, it was asked that the constitution will be remain implemented until the nation creates its own constitution. Police ordinance 1861 is also one of them unfortunately, this remains implemented in Pakistan till 2001 without any reforms. During the British Raj, they used Police as a weapon to suppress the poor to fulfill their demands, and tragically Pakistan did not pay heed to it. The poor are tortured in Police Stations and to ask them to acknowledge the crime that a person even did not commit. Back-to-back torture and fake encounters are heard in the news. Recently, the Salahuddin Ayoubi arrested in the ATM theft [...]