Industrial Revolution made a lot of ease for the human being. The positive effects of the Revolution were already visible. However, the negative impacts are on the rise, since then. The President of the United States also created Superior National Forest to save the beauty of Earth. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many initiatives are on the way to reduce the negative impacts of this so-called Industrial Revolution.

The average temperature of Earth is increasing day by day because of the emission of Green House Gases such as Methane and CO2. Many initiatives, conventions and conferences are taking place to overcome this emerging threat; however, it is not the environment works. According to IPCC by the end of this century, the average temperature of the planet will rise 2.5-degree centigrade. The rise in temperature is, directly and indirectly, the threat to the ecosystem of the earth. This will further speed up the process of melting of glaciers.

The melting of glaciers will bring many disasters and will change the demography of the continents and states. There are areas in northern Pakistan, Siberia and plateau which remain cover all year. The glaciers are like that since ancient times. Under the top layer of the earth, a segment called Permafrost to exist. It is a fact that dead bodies of animals do not decompose in permafrost. With the melting of glaciers, it will lead to many epidemical diseases.

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