Lahorei Street

Lahore is famous for many things, and dacoity is one of them. The people of different parts of the world have heard stories about the cleverness of Lahories. However, for the novice or the ones who visit Lahore occasionally; often deceived here. No one can deny the fact, God made all of us equally. but, some of use it negatively. Before I came to Lahore, I often asked about Lahore, culture, people and the places to visit.

It is been a while, I have settled in Lahore to pursue my career in press. Daily I have to interact with a diverse range of people; who work in different departments and who speak their regional languages.

A few days ago, I bought a new motorcycle. I visit the petrol pump for fuel and asked to fill it up. Honestly, it was the first day, I parked it outside my residence. On the next day, in the morning, I was on my daily commute. My bike did not drove more than five kilometres when I checked my petrol gauge was on reserve and, the bike tank was empty.

Lahore is a congested city, thousands of people living in a town which is for hundreds. thousands of the people live under the bridges for shelter. They sleep on the footpath without any roof. This community exist in other cities. They usually ask for money and often involved in petty crimes. The government should also pay heed to the people of these communities. Having all said, we cannot blame the city for wrongdoings of people, but, we cannot hide the reality.

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