Colonies in the Twenty-First Century


China is making new colonies through Belt and Road Initiative. Pakistan can be struck in the net of China through China Pakistan Corridor. There are more than two hundred states that exist in the world. Some of them are autonomous; however, a few are not. It is the rule of law, all of them have a leader to look at all of the state matters.

In the past, different nations were governed directly. However, in this century, this dilemma is changing drastically.

Nowadays, states can be governed directly or indirectly which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of a government. One can say, this is the era a neo-colonialism; like Bratin, one does not need to go and build a colony. All of this can be done by affecting foreign policy.

There are questions that china is going to make colonies around the globe through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is a massive project of a trillion-dollar. A part of that which links China to the Indian Ocean; the corridor starts from Khunjerab Pass to Gawadar port. It is hoped to be completed in $63 billion, totally invested by China.

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China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a good project for China that will give leverage to the Chinese nation, but how much Pakistan can have benefit the time will tell. This project which is fully funded by China can affect the sovereignty of Pakistan.

In 2018, China builds a port in Sri Lanka on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, the state failed to pay the debts invested by the Chinese government. Therefore, a deal was signed between both of the nations for 100 years which gave China leverage and made her hegemon in the ocean.

Finally, China is affecting the nations around the globe through export, investment, and so-called BRI. But, how much the Chinese people will have an impact on other nations, the coming years will tell.