Basant — A harmonic Festival


Basant is the event of harmony.

Some of the people believe that some of them that all of the people

Basant is the festival that is being held since ancient times. This festival is held without the boundaries of race, religion, or gender. Everyone participating in the event without racial discrimination.

However, due to the use of dangerous material, this often brings causalities, such as serious injuries or even death. Moreover, people mostly fly kites over the rooftops rather than open grounds, sometimes this also results in a serious problem.

The use of glass in the preparation of strings is very dangerous. Last year, a man was died because a glass quoted-string crossed his throat. Therefore, cotton strings are recommended and these should be used.

As Imran Khan, a cricketer turned politician, himself enjoying Basant a few years back.

The government should ban the illegal creation of strings rather than the ban of the festival which is considered legal around the globe since ancient times.