iPhone 12 Mini Review

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This year Apple released iPhone 12 which comes in four variants. iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (2nd Generation) can fulfil all the needs of all the users. iPhone 12 Mini is a great phone for middle class users who want to experience latest technology with latest features at affordable price. Screen Size iPhone 12 Mini comes with 5.4" OLED Display screen. It is the Super Retina XDR display (Behold OLED). According to Apple it is the best smartphone display ever build. 5G Support This year Apple did justice to all the models. Low end phone like iPhone 12 Mini and High-end Phone like 12 Pro Max, all of them support 5 G connectivity. This is the latest generation of network. Most importantly, robots use this 5G connectivity to communicate with other peers. A14 Bionic Chip Like other latest generation phones, iPhone 12 Mini also uses A14 bionic chip which is built [...]