Top 10 Qualities Which Makes An Extraordinary Leader

qualities of leaders

All of the leaders have some qualities which make them different from others. However, specific characteristics differentiate from others. In this article, we will try to highlight the traits which are common among successful leaders.

1. Honesty and Integrity

Dwight D. Eisenhower
The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible.

Honesty is the quality which is mandatory for being successful in life. It is the first and foremost quality to win other hearts.

2. Confidence

None of us can accomplish anything without confidence. To get one’s work done, he has to be bold in his doings.

3.Commitment and Passion

No one can achieve anything without passion and commitment. It is very necessary to run the business in the long term.

4. Good Communicator

Communication is a crucial element to effectively communicate one’s thoughts. Good leaders have a great understanding of languages, body language, and other ways of communication. They have a clear and crisp sound.

5. Decision-Making and Capabilities

In business, decision-making is one of the skills to run it smoothly. It helps to resolve matters effectively.

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6. Accountability

Arnold H. Glasow said,
A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.

All of us are accountable for our doing. All of the leaders have some power to get work done. Leaders take lead and ask for their employees’ work. To run the business smoothly, accountability is one of the core principles.

7. Delegation and Empowerment

Empowering clients is another important trick. Leaders always trust their workers because it is necessary to getting work done.

8. Creativity and Innovation

Steve Jobs Said
Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Not all people are creative. But, it is the most demanded trait in this digital world. Creativity and innovation come by book reading. Nowadays, most of the work is being converted into digital. Robots are replacing human resources. It is challenging to cope with these changing trends. Most of the highest-paying jobs are part of the 21st century. Therefore, one hast to be creative in his doing.

9. Inspire Others

John Quincy adams said,
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

Great leaders have traits that differentiate them from others. People often follow those who have a confident personality and a great influence on people.

10. Empathy

Good leaders have a soft heart. They care for their employees. It is also necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with workers. If workers are happy, it will increase their productivity level further. Therefore, wise leaders are empathetic.