How To Write an Article with Zero Percent Plagiarized Text

How To Write an Article with Zero Percent Plagiarized Text

Nowadays, every one of us has to write some text for social media blog for business. So so one has to produce a lot of content, most of the time people of fun copy text from one website and publish as their own. However, now search engines are wise enough they can easily attach that this content is already published in somewhere on the web. So, chances to rank on the front page of Google became impossible. If you are writing articles for the sake of SEO then you should keep in mind that writing or publishing plagiarized stuff don’t add up anything in this journey. in this article, I will tell you how you can write a great article without any plagiarized text in it.

Writing anything on any topic requires only knowledge and sun facts and figure which will sport your arguments. if you are not aware of the certain topic then it is a wise approach just scheme through a certain web page and have some common understanding about the topic. After understanding the basic concepts of the topic it is time to start writing.

It is entirely up to you how you are willing to write, some people feel comfortable while writing on the paper some people on the computer, on the other hand, there are certain people who often right on mobile devices such as tablet iPad or mobile phone. However, nowadays I am writing on my mobile phone using Google docs. Interestingly it is the finest way to write your thoughts.

How do I write articles for my blog

I use gboard keyboard on my mobile phone which has a future where I can speak and the spoken word will be converted into textual form. It is the finest to write on good days without having much difficulty. meaning I have had to rewrite a few words manually through the keyboard. but with experience, the frequency of mistakes are decreasing and I can write it is an article in much less time as compared to the traditional methods.

Another benefit of writing on a mobile phone is one can write on the way for instance whenever you are in the metro or travelling you can just type your thoughts through the keypad. and later on, publish on your blog on share it with other friends to social media.

Writing text with zero light reasons is quite a difficult task because of most of us after grabbing some lines from already written articles documents and research papers. Which will further increase the chances of plagiarism? So file writing never looks for other sources not even try to copy a single phrase.

Why plagiarized text will not help in SEO

Google the well-known search engine uses many factors to rank the website on the first page of the search engine against any query. If you have written a great number of articles with a lot of information, it is hoped that they will track on the front page of Google against that respective query. but if the text is light Christ you ka you have compared some or most of the text from other sources. Then your website will not come on to the front page of the search engine. so it is wise to avoid the plagiarized text in any context, either it is a text image or video.

As technology improves search engines and other publishing platforms are using artificial intelligence to detect the plasm from thousands of millions of books, articles and research papers. it is easy to detect let’s listen and punish the publisher.

Selection of topic

Selection of topic is also very important, one just has to write down the domain in which one is going to write in the article a research paper. after deciding the topic one should narrow down his approach in which dimension one is going to write the essay the article. Further one has to to be specific while writing. So here we are only boring the Kita the rest of the title introduction body paragraphs and the conclusion should be our own words. Undoubtedly it is a difficult exercise, what it is not impossible; one can master it through practice. There is a saying, practice makes a man perfect.

How to support your arguments

normally people believe in all the things spoken written by said by well-known authors. Like democracy cannot be explained without quoting Karl Marx. Hindi spray one has to prove his stands with well-known authors researches and entrepreneurs. Search for your topic and select quotations add into your particles which will sport your arguments.

How to be sure that your text is not plagiarized

These days many tools are available on the web free and premium which will help you to check the plagiarism of your content. but if you write it yourself you can tell it how much pleasure is taxed in it on your own. If someone else wrote an article for you when it is wise to check before you publish it on your blog or any other publishing site or added into your research paper.

Grammarly is a well-known tool to check the grammar spelling as well as ledger Azam before you publish your document on any news journal website are blog. There are certainly other tools which you can also use. However, Grammarly has millions of pages database so you can trust in their statistics.


Writing quality content with zero per cent plagiarism requires time effort ads knowledge. One should outline and write your thoughts according to that. The articles are written with the perspective to increase our boost the SEO should not be plagiarized. Every line even phrase should be your own words, in your sequence. In this way, your website will rank on the front page of Google with 0% plagiarism.

Thank you for reading up to the end. If you still have any question or suggestion, please let me know in the comments section. I will respond to you as soon as possible.


Why You Should Stop Sharing your Blog Posts on Social Media

Twitter - Homepage

Social media is a great platform to increase the traffic of your website or blog for your business; however, if you want to earn money in the long run, it will not be much beneficial if you are sharing your post on social media, for instance, Facebook Twitter is Instagram. I have seen many people who spend a lot of time every day sharing their one post on as many platforms as possible. Undoubtedly, it will increase the number of visitors on that day, however, the user is not going to return on your website again. Because they did not discover your website from Google search engine. So most probably they won’t return on their own. Therefore, it is a wise approach to spend most of your time on creating good content rather than wasting time on sharing your post on social media platforms.

Impact of social media sharing

Sharing the post on social media has a great impact. It is a short run because the customer probably won’t return so you are investing a great amount of time to share the post on every platform. The first website I created a long time ago, at that time, I was just used to sharing my blog posts on different platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. It gave me a lot of satisfaction because when I look in Google analytics, it seems as if I get a spike-like 20 or 30 visitors every day. but the spike becomes downwards when I just do not write a blog post and forget to share my post on social media. Most importantly these spikes are just temporary, so one should invest time in something great.

How much one can earn from social media sharing

It is hard to tell the exact number, but it depends on the number of your social media followers. for instance, if you have 100 kilo social media followers or a page like on Facebook; maybe you will get 10,000 to 20,000 clicks and your post. It will count as impressions if someone clicks on ads; it will add up further. So you will earn accordingly.

It is average that if there are a hundred impressions on your Google AdSense, you will earn roughly $1. Note: these rates vary from country to country and quality of the visitors.

Why social media sharing is a waste of time for some people

I am not totally against sharing your post on any famous social media. I am saying that if you do not have many fans following for your page or account on social media, it won’t add much into your earning. It is a wise approach to spend most of your time on some creative activity. For instance, create a new blog post, improve your existing one or add some graphic art.


How to get traffic if you are a beginner

if you are a novice in the field of blogging content writing or digital marketing. you will probably be struggling to get some attention on the internet. Social media sharing is not a great way to do so.

First thing first you must have to write great content without compromising on the quality of the content. For instance, if you are writing on beauty tips you have to maintain rhythm, write twice a week, add some graphics in it, and write a diverse range of content about beauty, health and fitness. Which one we are another link to beauty.

Don’t be panic if your website is not getting organic traffic by Google or any other search engines. Every search engine has its mechanism to show on the front page. Work on SEO, write according to the titles, use tags. keep working and maintain consistency eventually you will start ranking Google search engine.



Sharing your post on social media every day doesn’t add up much into your earning in the long term. Therefore one should focus on the quality of the content, SEO and work on the things which add value to the users. In this way, Google and other search engines will automatically show your pages on the first page of the search engine. SEO keyword research and graphics should not be neglected. Things have much importance in search engine ranking.


Thank you for reading up to the end. If you still have any questions, please let me know. I will respond to you as soon as possible.


How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan

A person is counting money manually.

As literacy rates have improved in Pakistan. There are many e educated on implied youth in all over Pakistan. However the country does not have many opportunities for the youth. To fulfill their everyday needs more and more people are looking for opportunities online. 


In this article I will explain different ways to earn money online to fulfill everyday needs. 


What you need in order to start earning online

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Interne


What all the skills that you need to earn online

Reading online requires time, effort and hard work. embossed people used to work in offices but now it is most and most companies are going remote. As in 2019 coronavirus spread across the world all of the industries were completely shut down but the online business is still open. So it is a wise choice to start making money online. 


What are the platforms where you can provide your services

There are n different platforms available for different purposes so first of all you have to identify what skills you want to freelance. Fiverr add upwork are most widely used platforms in the world as well as in Pakistan. These platforms are a good choice so create your account and fill up your profile and starch binding to different projects. Eventually you will get your first project there.


How much you can earn online

It is up to you how motivated, passionate and a hard worker you are. For instance, There are many people who earn just 20000 rupees per month. There are hundreds of millions of people who earn more than hundred thousands rupees every month.


What are the commonly freelanced  skills from Pakistan

Writing is the most widely required skill. There are many ee people who offer this service. Graphic designing is one of the crucial services. Many persons offer website design and development and the George hundred $2000 for a single website.


If you have any skill you can freelance online and earn a great livelihood in any part of the world on your own terms.


If you do not have a skill then what

I’m sure you can still earn hundreds of dollars each month but you have to be creative. I want to quote an  example, in the past there were people who did not know anything about each month because they knew how to earn it. Whenever any other platforms. at that time there were no copyright laws on YouTube on any other platforms so they had earned a tremendous amount of money by doing that. Sugu on Google and try to find anything that you can do and sell it.


There is a market for websites where you can sell your own website or buy a website and work on it for a few months and then resell it and you will have a handsome amount of money.

If you know about website design and development you can do that and if you are not aware of how to design a website you can master the skill in a year. By creating different websites online true WordPress bootstrap or custom sites can get you a handsome amount of money.


Online teaching is also another important way to earn money online. For instance people from Pakistan Quran majeed Tu to the people of Europe America II and the Middle East and a lot of money. Moreover you can also create courses on udemy courses khan academy. Whenever someone by that course you will get your share.


There is no free pay money available online; one has to put some effort, time and energy.


Affiliate marketing is also a great way to increase your earning however it requires time and hard work. True that you have to create a website where you can sell Arif different products which you had used are rich you are sponsoring and when you with the by something that you referred you will get your commission. In the beginning it will be a negligible admission if someone buys something like 10 joggers you recommended and you will get like 10% share. By the time when the sale will increase your website’s go of life you will have hundreds of thousands of dollars each month so it is a passive income. 


By starting your own blog you can also make an adaptation as well as a lot of money through advertisements through affiliate marketing and sponsorship. Create a Paterno account where you can offer your custom premium content. 


Starting your own YouTube channel it is also a great way to have ignition as well as money. But it requires video editing and audio editing skills. You have to be well prepared for your contents in what you are going to say. Most importantly mission and vision officer general is important to run long term. Everything changes dramatically so you have to be well prepared for the change so you don’t suffer much.


Graphic designing is a great skill to freelance online. You just need a laptop and creative de to earn thousands of dollars monthly. On the platform you can charge your own price, for instance there are people who charged $5 per logo, on the other hand they are people who create a premium logo for $100. Literally it is a great amount of money for a single graphic.


video editing is also a grade scale II and a great amount of money. as the internet speed improves more and more people are creating advertisements for their businesses for their companies for the products. It is a never ending skill at least for a decade. It is easy to learn the basics of video editing but to master this skill it will require years. However it’s not impossible.


It’s never too late to start earning online. Create your account for or above-mentioned platforms and complete your profile and start selling your services digitally. 


Thank you for reading up to the end. If you still have any question comments, please let us know in the comments section. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


How to buy iCloud storage from Pakistan

In this article I will tell you how are you can buy iCloud storage from Pakistan.

Apple has a lot of customer in Pakistan who use Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks in order to back up their data they need to buy some cloud storage.

iCloud is one of the suitable option that is tightly integrated with Apple devices which you can share with your family members easily.

Apple cloud Storage Plans And prices for Pakistan in rupees

Apple ICloud Storage Plans
Apple ICloud Storage Plans

Apple app is free storage plans for this one is basic story which is 50 GB for Rs.100 per month second secondly the second option is 200 GB for Rs.300 per month the third option is 2 TB storage but you have to pay Rs.1000 per month.

One thing to keep in mind is that the first plan cannot be shared with others, however the second and third plan can be shared with family members.

Prerequisite to pay In Apple iTunes

  1. Apple device
  2. Credit or Debit Card

Any Apple product iPhone, iPad or MacBook is required. Second you need a debit card or credit card and you should have sufficient balance in your respective account.

First of all you should add your information into your Apple account, then go to storage plan. Your default should be 5GB. Then click on 50 GB or any other plan. After that it will automatically deduct money and your plans will be updated on all of your devices.

Can Apple accept union pay debit card?

Unfortunately Apple do not accept payment from Union Pay, so you must have Visa or MasterCard to buy something on App Store or iTunes

If you have any further questions please ask me in the comment section

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