How To Heal Your Life?

How To Heal Your Life art

Healing your life is one of the most challenging task one can ever face. However, it is difficult but not impossible. One always needs a proactive approach for better progress in the life journey.

Here is a list of a few habits that can heal your life quite effectively; and increase the rate of your success in the long run.

Digital Minimalism

Nowadays, most of us spend a massive amount of time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. You must ask what the sole purpose of this social media consumption is. How much you are learning from this time. If you are watching lectures on YouTube, then well and good; otherwise, it is just a waste of time. It must be avoided at all costs.

Keeping in touch with friends and family is great; however, one should not spend hours productive hours just to waste on some social media app. Time wasting for a day or to is not bad but in the long run, it can lead to many illnesses.

For example, an addiction to video game is rising in the youth around the world. There should. It is making harm to young talent around the globe. Therefore, one should not make a compromise on health on account of the pleasures. According to an estimate, one-third of the world’s population is suffering from eye disease and, watching a screen for a longer period is one of the major factors.

In my opinion, these problems can only be resolved by making awareness among youngsters. Therefore, they can utilise their time for the betterment of their career and wellbeing in the long run.

Difference Between BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science & BS Software Engineering?

Difference Between BS IT, CS, and SE art

Nowadays, many disciplined are present which were only=y one under

BS IT, BS CS, and BS SE are differently disciplined which are being taught under computer science. However, approximately 60% of the syllabus of these departments is the same. But a smaller difference in these disciplines can create a huge gap in the end.

This article is for those, who what to get admission in BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science or BS Software Engineering. Or anyone who wants to learn what is the difference between these disciplines and why computer science was sub-categorised under these classes.

History of Computer Science

In the early twentieth century, most people were alien to the evolving discipline of Computer Science. However, it is one of the essential departments in every science and technology university. At that time, people were reluctant to get an admission, work or even learn about Computer Sciences. As things started to improve by research and development. Computer Sciences become a very broad discipline. Therefore, big companies like IBM realized that Computer Science needs to be subdivided into smaller portions. So that people with relevant background and required skill set personal would be hired to increase the efficiency at the workplace.

Computer Science and Communication

These days everything depends on a computer either it is flight booking or communicating with your friends and family. In the early 1960s, ARPANET developed a protocol to communicate over a long distance by TCP/IP Protocol. The main objective of this protocol is to provide a mechanism to communicate with the required personal safely and securely. This discipline began to be known under Information Technology.

Problems in Software Development

In the 1950’s many companies evolved and incorporated computer into their business use. As things evolved bugs, issues and problems in Software become rampant. To address this issue, an independent person was required with relevant skills who have studied how to address problems in the phases of development. Therefore, Software Engineering as a discipline initiated which is making a great impact on the development process of Applications and software.

Difference Between BS IT, BS CS, and BS SE?

BS Information Technology art
BS Information Technology

What is BS Information Technology?

Routers Switches and Servers art
Routers Switches and Servers

BS Information Technology is one of the widely studied disciplines in the world as well as in Pakistan. This discipline mainly focuses on the development of a skill set to work under any department to implement and maintain an effective communication network. Therefore, the person in this field must have to create, install, and monitor routers, switches, and servers.

Lasts talk about the subjects of BS Information technology. As I have mentioned above around 60 % of the subjects of BS IT, CS and SE are the same. However, the rest of the 40% of the subjects belong to the networking domain.

Should I Get Admission in BS Information Technology (IT)?

Communication and Networks art
Communication and Networks

If you want to learn and work in the communication domain, networking, and Servers. Then, yes this is the right discipline for you.

BS IT is for those who want to learn and work computer sciences without their prior background. Like, to get admission in BS Computer Science and Software Engineering pre-engineering or FS.c is mandatory. However, an individual with simple arts like FA can get admission to BS Information Technology.

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What is BS Computer Science (CS)?

This is the main discipline where research happens. Most of the people still give more importance to Computer Sciences than the rest of the disciples. Nowadays, it is more like a research discipline where most of the creative stuff is done.

Lasts talk about the subjects of BS Computer Science. Around 60 % of the subjects of BS CS, BS IT, and BS SE are the same. However, the rest of the 40% of the subjects belong to computer architecture, and algorithm development etc.

Should I Get Admission in BS Computer Science (CS)?

BS Computer Science (CS) is for those who have a solid computer science background like ICs and are willing to work in research and development.

If you are the one who wants to be a researcher and willing to leave your footprints on the list of researchers; or the one who wants to develop system software like an operating system. Then yes this is a better option for you.

BS Software Engineering art
BS Software Engineering

What is BS Software Engineering (SE)?

BS Software Engineering is a pure development focused discipline. BS SE offers most of the subjects which teach about the creation and development of software, web apps and mobile applications. However, I have seen many individuals with BS Computer Science or even BS IT degree are doing software development in well-recognized software houses and companies.

Should I Get Admission in BS Software Engineering (SE)?

Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Desktop Applications art
Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Desktop Applications

BS Software Engineering is one of the highest paying professions of the 21st century. As the age of information surges, more and more people have access to the Internet, computers, & mobile devices. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to have a web presence for every brand, company, and business.

To develop and maintain every company is hiring a developer or outsourcing the applications. Nowadays, companies register domain names even before registering a company.

If you are the individual who wants to develop desktop, web, or mobile apps. Then, yes you should get admission in BS Software Engineering. In the Software Engineering discipline, you need many skills to proceed in your career.

You may have to interact with clients to gather requirements through interviews. You must learn a programming language to better understand concepts. In addition to that Software Engineers may need to work overtime to meet the deadlines. It may be challenging for some; however, it is the nature of this discipline.


To sum up, BS IT, CS, and SE sub-disciplines of Computer Science. Now you have the basic know-how of these disciplines and can differentiate them clearly and concisely. As the trend is changing most of the people are getting their jobs bussed on skillset rather than degrees.

In the 2010s, Google announced that one can still apply for job applicants who do not have a college degree. As the tech giants and other companies realized; that good work comes with knowledge and experience rather than collecting college degrees.

In addition to that, people are frequently jumping from one job to another, one discipline to another. However, in my opinion, go for whatever you like, whatever you want to be, or whatever your passion is.


One can land his job as a software engineer even if one had studied BS Information Technology. But one needs to prove his skillset in the interview and problem-solving. These are the main differences I have observed over the period.

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I have a few questions for you.

Did you ever face criticism for being study a certain department?

What was your first salary? As an IT professional, software engineer, or What?

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How To Buy Microsoft Office In Pakistan?

How To Buy Microsoft Office In Pakistan art.

Microsoft Office is a top choice among writers, businessmen and engineers to prepare documents, sheets, or presentations. MS Office requires a subscription to use its premium features which is quite a hassle if you are unfamiliar with it.

Do not be worry I will guide you step by step on how you can subscribe to Microsoft Office from Pakistan.

Microsoft Office offers multiple apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more) for desktop, mobile and web applications under personal and business plans.

In addition to the Office Apps Microsoft also offers 1 TB of cloud storage per person which is sufficient for an individual to store one’s data.

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Plan

Microsoft Offers Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family which can be used for up to six family members.

Under 365 plans Microsoft offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and 1TB OneDrive storage per person.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal & Family
Microsoft Office 365 Personal & Family Features and Prices

One can use Microsoft Office apps on Up-to five devices at a time. For instance, I am using MS Word on Windows 10 to write this article. Later, I will proofread this document on my Apple iPad. Moreover, I can also view it on my Mobile Device. To sum up, I am signed in on three devices to use Microsoft Office apps. Even though I can use Office Apps on two more devices.

Microsoft Office For Business
Microsoft Office For Business
Price of Microsoft Office 365 is 1099 Rupees
Price of Microsoft Office 365 is 1099 Rupees per month

Price Of Microsoft 365 Personal

The price of Microsoft Office is $7 per month or $70 per year which include above-mentioned apps and 1TB storage for a single account.

The Price of Microsoft Office 365 Personal in Pakistani Rupees is:

Rs. 1,099 per month or Rs. 10,999 per year.

Price Of Microsoft 365 Family

The price of Microsoft Office is $10 per month or $100 per year which include the above-mentioned apps and 1TB storage for a family.

The Price of Microsoft Office 365 Family in Pakistani Rupees is:

Rs. 1,499 per month or Rs. 14,999 per year.

A family can have two to six members. Feel free the data will not be shared among family members. Each of the family members will have their own 1TB storage capacity, apps, and features.

Requirements To Buy Microsoft Office

There are three requirements to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 Plan.

  • Microsoft Office Account
  • A valid Debit or Credit Card
  • Amount to Subscribe to the package

To Microsoft Account

Most probably you will already have had an account. If not, you can simply create at Microsoft website by entering a valid email address.

Login to your Microsoft account and then navigate to the Microsoft 365 menu. Then click on for Home and then navigate to buy.

Choose your Package like Microsoft 365 Personal or Microsoft 365 Family. By default, it will choose the annual plan to offer you some discount. In my opinion, if you are just checking it out then subscribe to a monthly plan. If you like the product later switch to the annual plan.

How To Make A Payment?

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, most people are reluctant to open a bank account. Therefore, all the economy is undocumented and only a few of us have a VISA or MasterCard to buy things online or pay digitally. However, the trend is changing rapidly. As people are being educated and getting to know the benefits of banking more and more people are opening bank account.

To pay for Microsoft office a valid debit or credit card will be required. Make sure your card is either Visa or MasterCard because some local or regional card will not be accepted. I.e., Pay Pak.

Once I had a UnionPay Debit Card, unfortunately, it was not accepted; however, you can try it.

Note: You should enter the full name mentioned on the card and it should not be expired and must have the minimum balance.

Your transaction may be declined due to lack of funds, even bank charges to approve the transaction. Therefore, you just need to maintain more balance than required to pay on time.

How To Buy Microsoft Office From Google Play Store?

This is the point where the tricky part begins. First, I want to clarify that Google is an independent company that owns and maintains Google Apps including Google Play Store. For any Application which is listed on Google Play Store, you can buy or subscribe to the service and pay to the respective company through a central medium like Google.

What is the Price of Microsoft Office on Google Play Store?

The price of the Microsoft Office 365 Personal Plan on Google Play Store is 630 Pakistani Rupees only.

To buy Microsoft Office from Play Store You need to download Microsoft Office or any other application which you want to use like Word, Excel etc.

Navigate to subscription, click on Microsoft 365 Personal review the mentioned apps and features. Then touch or click on proceed. Further click on checkout, it will request your permission to deduct 630 rupees from your added debit or credit card. Otherwise, it will pop up a window and request a payment method.

The price of MS Office is less in Google Play Store. In 2018, Google map products prices according to the currency value. At that time the price of One USD was 100 rupees. Therefore, the price of MS Office was $7 x 100 = 630. However, the price of Pakistani currency has devalued quite a lot. So the current price of the plan on the Microsoft website is $7 x 157 = 1,099 rupees.

In the coming months, the price of Microsoft Office 365 will be updated. Till then subscribe to the plan and enjoy a handsome discount.

Please remember that next time by the end of the month you will be charged for the same amount from your respective Microsoft or Google Play Store.


Microsoft Office 365 offers great value to the money. By subscribing to the personal plan, you will get access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Moreover, you will get 1TB of storage plan which you can use to store your important documents, photos, and files.

That is all for this article.

This is how you can subscribe to the Microsoft Office Plan.

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What it Looks Like To Live in Pakistan

What it Looks Like To Live in Pakistan art.

Pakistan is an Islamic state with diverse range of people who believes on different religions; despite that Pakistan had successfully portrayed a strong image. As a Pakistani national, living in Pakistan is great because it has all the four weathers, and comprises desert, mountains, and a lot of plain land to feed its nationals and guest.

In past the state had faced many wars with neighbouring country; however, it had successfully resolved the conflicts and won the title of peace-loving country. As most of the population of Pakistan is young, so that it has a great edge to utilize this power to bring prosperity to the citizens.

Pakistan is comparatively cheap country to live; although, it is one of the countries with least tax collection. Corruption, nepotism, and human rights abuse is common, but Pakistan is on its way to eliminate them from the root. It is hoped that it will be in the list of developed countries till 2050.

Economy of Pakistan

In Pakistan like other countries, a lot of wealth circulating gin the hands of few; therefore, the poor must do a hard work to meet both ends. It is the country where approximately two percent people are taxpayers. Most of the tax burden is thrown at the middle- and lower-class families.

Businessmen are reluctant to register their assets and do through proper channel. It is probably they are afraid of asset declaration; and are not willing to pay taxes. However, gradually the government is forming the laws and policies to bring it under tax net.

For instance, in past people usually us trafficked mobile phones, however, now one needs to register it with PTA DIRBS to use it. PTA has allowed it only for 60 days for visitors and Pakistan nationals.

As people are getting prosper they are buying Galaxy Phones, Apple Watches and and western products.

A great number of people are reluctant to invest in stock market, bonds, or even to open a bank account. Because they think to keep money in bank account or invest in stock market is forbidden in Islamic principles. As children are being learning and getting higher education so the trend is changing rapidly. More and more people are opening bank accounts and investing in variety of sectors.

People are looking for the way to buy Apple iCloud from Pakistan using Debit or Credit card.

As most of the economy of Pakistan is undocumented so most of the merchants do not accept visa, master, or any other card except a few International Brands. If you are vising Pakistan try to carry some money in addition to debit or credit card.

Health Sector of Pakistan

Health sector of Pakistan do not have a great image as most of the politicians, businessmen and civil servants visit abroad for their health check-ups. The government is offering Insaaf health cards to the poor nationals of Pakistan. However, there is a long way to cover each region of Pakistan.

There are some desi doctors who are doing more damage to the health than betterment. So try to avoid Neem-Hakeem and ask for qualification before you visit any doctor in Pakistan.

Learn about Educated Mafia and Punjab Institute of Cardiology Tragedy in which a few men were killed and infrastructure was damaged.

Employment in Pakistan

Pakistan has a different point of view in terms of jobs and recruitment. Most of the students are expected to join government sector; however, only a few can join it and some pave the way with nepotism and the rest of the candidates are out of luck. As in January 2021, the paper of Tehsildar was leaked. It is one of the only cases which is reported; and later on discovered that the paper of Inspector Anti-corruption and many other were sold on hefty prices.

There is always quested to join government sector, it is probably civil services pave the way for prosperity, VIP protocol and high status.

Private sector of Pakistan is expanding at exponential rate as a great number of people are creating their own business and Special Economic Zones are being created under the CPEC project. Gwadar, Faisalabad, and Sialkot are to become hub of factories, plants, and industrial hubs.

Nowadays, more and more people are joining platforms to earn money online in Pakistan.

Education Sector of Pakistan

Education sector is booming in Pakistan as schools, colleges and universities are increasing and educating the students with modern education. However, due to shortage of budget there is a great compromise on the quality of education.

The Government should allocate more budget to the Education sector.
The Government should allocate more budget to the Education sector.

As most of the Pakistan nationals do not pay tax therefore the state has little money to spend on education and it is one of the biggest hurdles in the prosperity of Pakistan.

Islamophobia in the Air of Pakistan

According to the Bureau of Statistics 98% of the population follow Islam as a religion. Therefore, every national has to face racial remarks, criticism and questionable treatment on airport and in the western society.

For instance, as a freelance worker I have for less opportunities in the international market like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancers.

Terrorist do not have a religion, race, or colour. Therefore, Muslims should not be treated like that. In Netherland, a man opened fire in one of the mosques, like someone hijacked American flights so my question is should be blame religion? No, not at all. I believe that there were some problems, misunderstanding and conflicts. It could have been resolved out in a peaceful channel like negotiations, dialogues, and discussion.

Mountains are one of the main attraction of Tourism in Pakistan.
Mountains are one of the main attraction of Tourism in Pakistan.

Due to some misunderstanding, there were some unfavourable activities occurred in Karachi, Quetta, and ex-FATA. However, Pakistan Army has successfully made peace in the region through Operation Zarb-e-Azb. As Afghan Peace dialogues are proceeding it is hoped that South-Asia will be the hub of prosperity.

Corruption, Nepotism, & Extra Judicial Killing

According to Imran Khan Pakistan struck in Debt-Trap due to corruption. However, in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf it is still under the same banner due to corruption. It was hoped that Pakistan will be more prosperous under PTI government, but it is yet to be seen. Around 38% debt has increased during last two years. Again, it can be hoped the state will find a way out through hefty tax collection.

Undoubtedly there are some problems in Pakistan, but the state is on its way to eliminate from their roots. However, it is not an easy task to make Pakistan corruption free, eliminate nepotism and end to feudalism.

Environmental Challenges for Pakistan

Pakistan is among the list of top ten countries which must face environmental crisis till the end of the 21st century. Climate is Changing, sea level is rising, and water table is decreasing, and Pakistan has to face the biggest hit due to geographical location.

Pakistan has beautiful Terrain of Himalaya.
Pakistan has beautiful Terrain of Himalaya.

On one end this geostrategic location is paving the way for prosperity on the other hand this is going to create crisis, food insecurity and hunger in the state in near future.

Infrastructure Made in Mughal Era.
Infrastructure Made in Mughal Era.

As a Pakistani national it is our sole responsibility to preserve our environment for the generations to come. It can be done through saving water, using public transport, consuming less meat, and most importantly making awareness in your society.

Dark Side of Bureaucracy of Pakistan

Bureaucracy in Pakistan is bad comparatively other countries. In this system civil servants are told to do what is favourable for some rather than what is right. From top to bottom reforms are needed in Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS), Police Services of Pakistan (PSP) and Judiciary.

For instance, on January 13, 2020 Superintendent of Police (SP) Abrar Hussain Nekokara killed himself in his office on Monday. Unfortunately, the suicide was committed with the pistol given to him to create peace in the society. However, it turned out completely different.

Another famous case of Rizwan Gondal, the poor police officer was frequently transferred due to not giving Hafta to the seniors; by standing against the so-called VIP culture and being loyal to his duty. And later he was made On Special Duty (OSD) because he failed to create any political affiliation to keep his job.


To sum up, Pakistan is a grate country, undoubtedly, there are come problems however, the has adopted a great approach to resolve them with reforms, amendments, and accountability. As compare to past now it is a safe state to travel. Among all other things the state provide security to foreign nationals in Baluchistan. The people of Pakistan are welcoming; they always have respect for the people who come far furlong area to see their home.

It is an honour for me to be a Pakistan, to enjoy all whether and to live on the bed of Indus Valley Civilization.

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What is your perception about Pakistani culture, ideology, and quality of life?

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Stay Blessed and welcome to Pakistan.

5 Habits of Successful People

5 Habits of Successful People art

Success is not as simple as it seems; however, it is a combination of a few healthy habits which leads toward a successful career, life, and business. Every successful man has a unique story to tell, despite that these are the following habits which are common in all the successful people. Among them, being able to accomplish right thing at the right time is essential. Secondly, most of the successful people have a healthy lifestyle so that they can live peacefully on this planet without wasting much of the resources. Successful people do not work for wealth, instead wealth work for them. Successful people are always passionate about whatever they do in life; they look at the world optimistically.

No 1: Time Management

Time management is on e of the great skill to have to accomplish something extraordinary in life. This is one of the skills that all the successful people have in common.

Time waits for no one.
Time waits for no one.

A proper work schedule is necessary to fulfil one’s dreams and goals. However, the list of unnecessary lists of to-do list will waste all the creative energy in some of the ineffective tasks.

Getting up early is an essential skill to maintain a good time schedule in the long term. When one gets up early in the morning, he will have a all day long to pursue towards his goal. Getting up late in the day will waste a lot of energy in snoozing the alarm. A healthy sleep habit will give boost to the performance of an individual.

No 2: Sharpen Your Memory

Short term and long-term memory is one of the crucial tool to perform better in business, civil services, judicial or engineering. So, one always needs to further sharpen his memory to keep track of everything but, remember only what matters in life in the long run.

Health is Wealth art.
Health is Wealth

Exercise is the core component to harness the brain power to increase memory of any species including homo sapiens. A 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week will play a vital role to keep you healthy and motivated.

A healthy diet plan will boost your energy level. Therefore, one should eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. One should not compromise quality on the account of quantity. Caffeine is also great to increase the mental capabilities. However, too much caffeine will leave you distressed, saturated and anxiety.

No 3: Vacation Are Great Opportunities

Vacation is a great opportunity to explore something new in life. Therefore, one should always take rest from one’s work and do some activities which are not related to work.

One should always plan tours to fulfil ones mental, physical, and spiritual needs. So, a long tour at least once a month and short trips once a week are great to boost one’s energy level.

Jobs, money to Saturday long working days are boring so one should take rest from work travel to a natural place to get some new horizon. In my opinion on should explore as much as you can. Because it is the only thing which will be recalled in the long run.

Going on dates, meeting new people with different purpose, goals and needs is great. Try to be a social active person. As you know, man is gregarious by nature; therefore, one should not try to alter the course of life in any way. Meat as diverse races of people as possible. It will give you a great power and leadership skills.

Spending some time with family is an essential element to be successful life. All in all, it is a great source of inspiration. As a saying goes:

Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.
Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

No 4: Stop Chasing Wealth; Solve Problems.

Stop chasing wealth; Solve problems
Stop chasing wealth; Solve problems

Wealthy does not come by doing just jobs, or some little work. However, there is one and only formula to create wealth and that is solve problems the people are facing around the globe. For instance, Elon Musk became the richest man of the world by solving environmental problems through electric vehicles. In addition to that, he is also creating a spiral of satellites to provide Internet to all parts of the world. So, it is another problem which will be solved in the years to come.

Most of the people I met, they want to earn a chunk of wealth to buy some new cars, mobile phones and buy a great house. However, in the long run it is our waste on this planet. Since, industrial revolution human footprints and its causes are tremendously increased which we are facing as climate change. Therefore, one needs to learn some lessons from it; and create wealth in environment friendly way and use it for the betterment of our communities. One should work on the activities thar are beneficial for all of us collectively.

A Winston Churchill's quote
Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

As Winston Churchill said:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

No 5: Stay Optimistic

Staying positive during hard and soft time is a great activity to accomplish some or all of the great things in life. Life will not be easy on you all the time so that you should be prepared to take chances or probably risks in life. Therefore, staying optimistic all the time will pave the way or better life in the long run.

Successful people have a gratitude to whatever they have in the life. One should always be thankful God what is given by him.

In short terms, life is too short to live in pessimism.


One cannot be successful by just reading the above-mentioned habits of the successful people. Infect, the way towards successful life is an infinite set of steps. Each drop in the ocean has a role to play to form an ocean. Like that, these small habits have their own role to play to pave a way for successful life.

This is the list of habits followed by other successful people. However, you may have to tweak these habits to live peacefully and successfully.

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I have a question for you. What are your habits to be successful in your business, career, and life? And what you are doing for the betterment of the Earth, our home planet?

Thank you.

Stay Blessed.

5 Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account

5 Steps to Secure Facebook Account

Do you ever lost your Facebook account due to Hacking? Do you ever see an unethical or immoral bombardment of posts on your friend’s timeline? It is because of your friend’s fault.

To keep your account healthy, secure, and safe you must follow these five steps, so that your social life will not be tinted or diminished digitally.

Step 1: Change Your Facebook Account Password

Changing your password frequently is on e of the great habit to have. In case your password is leaked somewhere; then you would already have changed your password, so you do not have to worry about.

Try to maintain a healthy routine to change the password of your Facebook and email account at least once in 90 days. It will keep the hackers away from your digital life.

Password Should Be
Password Should Be at least 10 Characters Long

Password strength is also important; therefore, you must choose at least 10 characters password which includes Alphabets both lower and upper case; numbers and some special characters. Here are some examples:

  • Yb9#ib5@dq2p
  • sK&5a@dc!*q9p

Step 2: Do Not Share Login Information

In addition to changing your password you should never share your login details with anyone, even your friends. It can damage your account security severely. In some case it got in wrong hands you would be out of luck as well as Facebook account.

Most importantly, if you want to share login credentials with your family members or team, then you should rely on some trusted platforms. Password sharing platforms will prevent from unauthorized access and maintain a good security.

Step 3: Avoid Free Wi-Fi, Public Hotspots

Free Wi-Fi and public hotspot or Free Internet access on cafe are the root of hacking and security breaches. Most probably there would be trying to steal Credit Card Information or hack someone’s account, just to get some money or just for the sake of pleasure.

Once a wise man said,

“Better safe than sorry”.

Avoid Public Wi-fi at all cost.
Avoid Public Wi-fi at all cost.

In my opinion you should avoid free wi-fi for your own safety and security. In case you are staying in some hotel or motel then you want to be connected with your friends and family. Then, you should use Virtual Private Network (VPN). It would give you an extra layer of security as well as anonymity.

Step 4: Log Out of the Devices You Do Not Recognize.

Facebook maintains a database of signed- in devices on which you do not need to re-enter your password to use it again. So, it is important frequently un-link the devices which are not in use or you do not own anymore.

In case you have to sign in on someone else device; make sure there is no script installed on it. And click on do not remember this device. I would not recommend that you use your account on others mobile or computer. But if you must then make sure the friend is trustworthy.

Step 5: Remove Given Access to Apps & Games

Nowadays, Facebook is not only a single social media platform. There are plenty of other companies who work with Facebook and utilize its technology, services, and data to do their business. For instance, Facebook Game Apps.

Revoke access to unused apps
Revoke Access to Apps and Games You Do Not Use

When someone install a game on mobile device, it pops up that link your Facebook account to remember your score, performance, or coins. This will open the Facebook application and ask for permission.

If you allow and accept the permission, this will allow the application to access your name, gender, city etc. Most importantly, it will also allow the app to post on your timeline.

In my opinion, not all apps and games or trustworthy so you must be cautious while giving access to other application.

Bonus Step: Never Click on Links You Do Not Trust.

Nowadays, people share links on their timeline, groups and even in messages for publicity and promotion. But some people also take advantage of this and run hacking script to steal information or even block the Facebook account. Therefore, you must be cautious while clicking on some links.

Learn more about Facebook Safety and Security.


Social media is a great invention to keep in touch with our loved ones. Most importantly, it is changing the world order. Nowadays, approximately 80% of the Internet users use Facebook for personal or business use. As more and more people are joining the Facebook hackers and crackers are also turned into this domain to damage the reputation of invidious or platform.

To secure your account is your own responsibility. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps and keep you your account healthy and safe.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family for their own safety and well-being.

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I have a question for you. Do you ever lose your Facebook account? And what was the reason for it?

Thank you.

Stay Blessed.