March 2020

The Role of “Failure” in Success

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Failure and success are given by God. Most of the successful people mark their success after a couple of tries. One should not be ashamed of failure, but remained failure is the problem. One should keep trying one way or another.  What is “shit?”  Failures teach better than teachers. It is because one can learn from his failure. One should maintain a journal for his failure. Which can be very useful in the long run to form a healthy. Failure and Success are part of everyday life. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Gram Bell invented the phone; before his invention, he failed a couple of times. If he did not learn from his failure, probably, he would not have developed the phone. He learned from his failure and tried a different way that works for him.  As Steve Prefontaine [...]

February 2020

Basant — A harmonic Festival

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Basant is the event of harmony. Some of the people believe that some of them that all of the people Basant is the festival that is being held since ancient times. This festival is held without the boundaries of race, religion, or gender. Everyone participating in the event without racial discrimination. However, due to the use of dangerous material, this often brings causalities, such as serious injuries or even death. Moreover, people mostly fly kites over the rooftops rather than open grounds, sometimes this also results in a serious problem. The use of glass in the preparation of strings is very dangerous. Last year, a man was died because a glass quoted-string crossed his throat. Therefore, cotton strings are recommended and these should be used. As Imran Khan, a cricketer turned politician, himself enjoying Basant a few years back. The government should ban the illegal creation of strings rather [...]

January 2020

PTI and Boot Politics

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The minister of the PTI government, Faisal Vawda, brought a boot in the talk show to disgrace the opposition parties. Pakistan is among the list of the countries where politics is considered as a dirty play often played by an uneducated and ignorant people. Unfortunately, it is true. In the country, favoritism and nepotism are common among masses. A few days ago, the Minister for water resource Faisal Vawda made an entry with a boot into a news channel. Further, it raises questions on the credibility of the PTI lead government. In Naya Pakistan, it is still governed by the ignorant cabinet. In a democratic system, politicians often make lies, the fun of opposite parties, and make promises to bring prosperity in the region, just for the sake of few votes. However, in under-developed countries, it is often seen that politicians attempt these sorts of stunts just for cheap publicity. [...]

December 2019

Why Students Have Poor Handwriting, Nowadays?

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These days, computers are replacing people in every field of life so, as it is right in the case of writing. Nowadays, students do not write much. Therefore, excellent writing skills never develop. They submit assignments in softcopy, which leads to bad poor writing as well as poor comprehension skills. Why are Students so bad at Handwriting? Digital World It is the digital era; students do not need to write much in their day to day life. They usually submit assignments through email in soft copies as well as quizzes are held in Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is also a digital app. I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education. –Mahatma Gandhi How to Improve Handwriting? It doesn't matter in which language you write because all the concepts are the same. But, make sure you have an excellent comprehension of parts of [...]

November 2019

Student Activism is on The Rise in Pakistan

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Student Activism is on the rise in Pakistan. Student Solidarity March is held in Pakistan for the deteriorating students of rights, social issues the students face in universities. Students of Pakistan shows a peaceful protest in the 50 cities around Pakistan to lift the ban on student unions and rights of the students. Lawyers and other unions part take in this show. Moreover, students play a crucial role in forming the direction of the future of any nation or state. However, if students do not part take in any sort of social activities; then, in which direction students will go. Student unions are the core in the Indian Sub-Continent who make it possible that we can breathe in the open air. However, if students do not play a vital role; then we would be suffering the same oppression as Kashmiris. The Student Solidarity March takes place in Lahore, Friday, Nov [...]

How eRozgaar is Bringing Prosperity to Thousands?

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eRozgaar is playing a vital role to eliminate poverty across Punjab Province. eRozgaar is initiative of PITB which is working under the banner of the Punjab Government. It is one of the successful programs of the provincial government. It is estimated that they have trained more than fifteen thousand candidates. The Programm is one of the successful programs of the Board. The main objective of the program is to polish the skills of unemployed youth; make them aware of the ways of online jobs. Many guys are earning handsome amount of money with little headache. In November, this year, there was an interaction with one of the teams of eRozgaar in Lahore in the premises of UET. According to the attendees, the course is informative, well structured; and the staff is cooperative. Twice a year, all the universities across Punjab export hundreds of thousands of youth with many certificates having [...]

Industrial Revolution a Curse or Blessing

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Industrial Revolution made a lot of ease for the human being. The positive effects of the Revolution were already visible. However, the negative impacts are on the rise, since then. The President of the United States also created Superior National Forest to save the beauty of Earth. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many initiatives are on the way to reduce the negative impacts of this so-called Industrial Revolution. The average temperature of Earth is increasing day by day because of the emission of Green House Gases such as Methane and CO2. Many initiatives, conventions and conferences are taking place to overcome this emerging threat; however, it is not the environment works. According to IPCC by the end of this century, the average temperature of the planet will rise 2.5-degree centigrade. The rise in temperature is, directly and indirectly, the threat to the ecosystem of the earth. This will [...]

Lahore Development Authority – Refused to Build a Bridge

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A few weeks ago, the gardener of UET Lahore died in an accident in front of the gate on the GT Road. The management committee of UET decided to approach the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and requested to build a pedestrian crossing bridge for the safety of students as well as staff in front of the main gate. However, LDA refused to do so; yes, refused it. During the visit of Shalimar Bagh, while I was passing in front of the Varsity, what I see was tremendous. The Development Authority only agreed to build a speed breaker. Probably, this will or will not reduce the frequency of accidents; but a bridge is mandatory. It is because there is always a massive influx of traffic can be seen during office hours. There is also heavy traffic such as trucks which often overloaded. The varsity is situated on one of the busy [...]

India is Not a Secular State, How?

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India, the home of 1.3 billion peoples; this is the home of many different nations that are living in the Indian sub-continent since before Christ. Now the case is different, the Hindus are making efforts from head to toe to perish the minorities. Many events are gigantic evidence that Hindustan is for Hindus. India is not a secular state. The fascist PM, Narendra Modi, is perishing the rights of the Muslim population in India. The Modi tried to perish the innocent Muslims in Kashmir by abrogating the special status of the princely state on August 5th this year. It’s been two and a half months the innocent Kashmiris are barred into Jails and the communication services are jammed. It is the extreme level of humanitarian crisis; the Muslims are the main target of this genocide. Babri Masjid is one of the other favoritisms to the Hindu community. The case dates [...]

The Living Standards of Pakistan

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In the 2018 elections, the PTI established a government in the centre and in a few provinces on the name of change. There was a manifesto of the Party was to create Naya Pakistan. However, after being in the centre around a year and a half, it doesn’t change a lot. A few days ago, I was in the market to buy something vegetables and fruits, however, everything is so expensive. The vegetables are twice or thrice as compare to previous prices. Is this being the change the manifesto of the party promised? Now, the question arises that how the poor can feed their children. The ones who earn only a small amount of money. How a person can educate their children. There are many problems in the country but making dozens of taxes on poor people and shutting the public and private industry sectors. Was it the PTI promised? [...]

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